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Tonight I read the girls “Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed.” Almost every time Junie B. mentioned the possibility of a monster being under the bed, I reassured the girls there was no such thing as monsters. Every single time her parents or teachers reassured Junie B. that there was no such thing as monsters, I told the girls that the parents and teachers were correct. Every single time Junie B. doubted them, I told them Junie B. was wrong and had a big imagination.

I repeatedly asked the girls if they understood about how there were no monsters. They repeatedly told me they knew monsters were pretend and they weren’t scared of them or the book.

So, even though I was a little worried about it, I thought we were safe to keep reading.

I should have known better!

Within 10 minutes of putting the girls to bed, Rose came downstairs.

“I’m scared of the monster under my bed!”

In other news, Violet is on Reasons My Son is Crying right now. I was an idiot and did not ask for a link because I admire that blog so much that I was just happy to get a picture up on it! So, there is my 15 minutes of fame: Violet was once on the extremely popular Reasons My Son is Crying.


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