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Max Dies in the End

Here’s a part of “The Sound of Music” that isn’t sitting well with me right now. It didn’t occur to me until this past week, but Max AND the nuns were caught red-handed helping the Von Trapps escape the Nazis. Knowing what I know about Nazis, abetting someone in escaping them couldn’t have ended well for them.

In the movie we’re just supposed to celebrate that Von Trapps escaped, but I really do wonder about the aftermath for Max and the nuns. I mean, Max is caught helping them push their car “to the festival”, which the Nazis knew at the time was a big hoax. Then the Von Trapps escape from the concert that Max is so involved with. It’s pretty obvious that Max was involved in their escape. They’d have to be really stupid not to realize this, especially since Max was staying with the Von Trapps and baby-sitting their children prior to their escape.

I know Max is fictional, but if he were real it seems very unlikely to me that he would survive this. He should probably flee to the Swiss Alps with the family. Instead, his only regret about the Von Trapps leaving is that he won’t be able to make money off their voices. Shouldn’t he be more worried about his own safety?

Then the nuns hide the Von Trapps and sabotage the Nazis’ cars. When Ralph discovers the Von Trapps are in the abbey, aren’t those nuns pretty much screwed? I mean, we’re supposed to find it comedic that the nuns vandalized the car (and it was), but the aftermath of all of that could not have been good for the nuns. Maybe they get off because they’re nuns? Probably not though. We’re talking about Nazis here!

I can’t believe this never occurred to me before, but really, it doesn’t look good for Maria’s friends.


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Cinderella WTF

For the sixth night of Hanukkah, Rose got “Cinderella II” AND “Cinderella III”. I gave the gift early in the day so we could watch both movies. Since Rose is 3, she wanted to watch “Cinderella III” first. “It’s 3 like me! I’m 3!”

“Cinderella III” was fantastic. The Evil Stepmother gets her hands on Fairy Godmother’s wand and makes it so the prince believes he fell in love with the ugly stepsister Anastasia. Aside from the main plot where Cinderella is trying to get out of the hell world her stepmother forced her into and prove to the prince that SHE was the one he loved, a big part of the story is that Anastasia dreams of finding love. She just wants SOMEONE to love her because no one has ever loved her before. Doesn’t she deserve love? She goes on and on about it.

Except when we watched “Cinderella II” later, we discovered that one of the storylines involved Cinderella helping Anastasia achieving her dream of getting together with the baker, whom she loved. The baker was also in love with Anastasia.

It wasn’t like this was just a little thing in passing. It’s a major part of the movie. It’s part of the title “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True”. At the end of the movie, Anastasia declares something along the lines of “Dreams really do come true” after she’s able to be with the baker she loves. It implies they live happily ever after.

So my question is did the makers of “Cinderella III” even watch “Cinderella II”? It doesn’t make any sense for Anastasia to be after love in “Cinderella III” if her goal of finding it was a major story line AND achievement in “Cinderella II”.

I don’t understand why Anastasia was used in both movies. There’s a perfectly good second stepsister to use for the love lusting in “Cinderella III”. I know Drizella is pretty mean, but does she not also deserve love in her life?

WTF, Disney? This doesn’t make any sense!

To be fair, “Cinderella III” was a far superior to “Cinderella II”. I had trouble paying attention to “II” and honestly didn’t see the whole thing because I was a) bored and b) taking care of a tired baby. Maybe “III” was just supposed to be a reboot? I don’t know. But seriously, Drizella was right there. All plot conflicts could have been solved if SHE was the one seeking true love in “III”. Or, better yet, if the stepmother wanted the riches of royalty so badly, why didn’t she use the magic to get herself married to the prince?

Disney, WTF?



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