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My girls have been obsessed with the 1982 movie musical “Annie” lately. Both girls have been singing “Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow” non-stop. Me, I’m partial to “Little Girls”, especially now that I have THREE of them. There’s so much about Miss Hannigan that I respect more now that I’m an adult, even though she is a mean, drunk whore I hope I’ll never be like. Still, sometimes I can relate to having an abundance of girls driving me crazy.

I remember when I was a kid I wanted a locket like Annie more than anything in the world. I’m not sure what’s so appealing about Annie’s broken locket to little girls, but it’s a pretty consistent thing. We ALL want Annie lockets. Why? Do we want to be orphans with long-lost secretly-dead parents? Do we want to live in an orphanage? Why do we want to have a locket that symbolizes so much sadness? There’s a nice bit of hope in Annie’s locket, but it’s a false hope.

Whatever the case, I had an inkling my own little girls might want Annie lockets, so I’ve been on the hunt for some super cheap ones. I found some for $4 each at Walmart and, as I suspected, Lily and Rose were beyond ecstatic about them.

Now that Rose has her Annie locket, she keeps asking me to sing “Tomorrow”. She claims that you can only sing “Tomorrow” when the locket is open because that is when the sun shines out of the locket and you can see a picture of Annie.

I think she’s referring to the opening credits in which headshots of each character are shown through the broken locket.

Side note: Did you know that Edward Herrmann, Richard Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls”, plays President Roosevelt in “Annie”? Every time the girls watch it, I stare at FDR and try to figure out how THAT Edward Herrmann is the SAME Edward Herrmann as Richard Gilmore. I can’t see it. But it’s true somehow! I can hear it a little bit when he obnoxiously orders Daddy Warbucks to sing “Tomorrow” with Annie, but looks-wise it’s baffling.


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Little Red Dresses?

Earlier this week, the girls watched “Annie” for the first time. Like me, the girls are suckers for musicals and absolutely loved it, especially Rose who is my future drama club girl. Today she told me that Annie is her favorite.

Wait? Her favorite? What about Cinderella?

“I like Annie even more,” said the girl who won’t allow me to dress her in anything but blue because that’s what Cinderella wears to the ball.

Does this mean I have to buy all red for her now? Because I already bought her blue dresses for spring/summer? On top of the large non-blue hand-me-down wardrobe that already existed?

If she wants red, she’s SOL.


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Pop Culture

When I was 15-25 years old, I was really really into movies and pop culture. I knew all the actors, actresses and musicians. I knew most of the directors. I could beat your ass at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon every time. I could recite dialogue to Kevin Smith movies. These were important skills that would clearly garner me an important place in life. I spent an insane amount of time on this stuff– possibly more time than I spend on facebook these days (probably not).

When I entered journalism school, part of my dream was to write for “People” magazine. I know that’s not REAL journalism, but writing about celeb gossip, movies and books sounded amazing to me. Although I have definite political interests and read a lot, I’m not a news junkie and wasn’t all that interested in investigative reporting. I just wanted to write human interest stories and fluff. Perhaps this is a sign that journalism and I were not REALLY meant to be?

I used to go see all the movies, or at least be aware of them. Last night, I went to an Oscar party and hadn’t seen a single nominated movie. NOT ONE. None of them.

How did this happen? How did I go from pop culture girl to not having seen most of the movies and asking people who some of the celebrities were?

It could be part of getting older. It could be part of having kids. Or it could be marrying a man who doesn’t like going to the movies or even renting them. I never even knew there was such a person until I met my husband! This used to bother me, but now I’m over it. He’s a wonderful man and even if he did like watching movies, it seems unlikely with our children and our lack of a steady baby-sitter with a single-income lifestyle that we’d be seeing movies often these days.

I never imagined there’d be a time when I’d be watching the Oscars and asking who people were and what the hell the movies were, but here I am.

And you know what? As strange as it is that I’ve hit this point, it’s ok. I don’t really miss the pop culture OR the movies.

Ok, sometimes I miss the movies a little, but not enough to pay for a baby-sitter or tickets.


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Sleeping with the Enemy

I’m watching “Sleeping with the Enemy” tonight and have a lot of snarky thoughts about it, thus I am talking about a grown up movie instead of a kid movie today.

*Why the hell would you rent a giant empty old house that makes creepy noises and has a million nooks and crannies when you are already scared for your own safety? It seems to me that an apartment, with tons of other people nearby to hear you scream when your husband breaks in, would be a lot safer. Also, what does one person need with all that space?

*How many times can one man yell “LAURA!” when his wife disappears? I’m watching this movie on WE and they made a ton of cuts to it, but he still screams “Laura” no less than 30 times. We get it. You’re heartbroken and mostly insane. Noted.

*You are worried about your security enough that you won’t go visit your mother unless you are wearing a disguise, and yet you leave your windows open and your door unlocked constantly. Smart.

*Ben, the new love interest, is totally creepy and comes after Julia Roberts in creepy ways.
–He invades her personal space and takes apples out of her nightgown while she’s standing in the dark the first time he meets her.
–He insists on a date relentlessly to the point that it’s almost sexual harassment. I have no idea why she agrees to this.
–He mentions watching Julia Roberts walking around downtown. Ok, stalker.
–Every approach makes you wonder if he’s the enemy she’s sleeping with. Perhaps that was the point, but it makes it awfully hard to be a fan of that relationship.

*Why would you leave the gun unguarded next to the man who just tried to kill you when you haven’t taken his pulse yet? Or otherwise? And after he apparently died the second time, why leave the gun in his hand? GET THAT GUN OUT OF THERE.

*If you thought something was wrong in your house and someone evil was in it with you, why would you search for that person instead of just running out of the house as fast as you could? WHY?



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