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Mr. Potato Head’s Makeover

Watch out, kids. There’s a new Mr. Potato Head in town.

I’m not really sure why we needed a new Mr. Potato Head. The old Mr. Potato Head works just fine over here. I suppose I shouldn’t question it, though, because I’ve been told my parents’ version of Mr. Potato Head was an actual potato with some facial features you could stab into it.

A toy that rots. Looks like fun. Anything plastic is an improvement over that, in my opinion. I suppose it would be fun to have the variety of oddly shaped potatoes at your disposal, but really, I’ll take a plastic Mr. Potato Head over that any day.

The latest Mr. Potato head wears real pants and has tiny legs. His arms are also shorter. His facial features are clownishly big. I don’t really understand his mustache or mouth, but I can live with them.

But look what’s happening with Mr. Potato Head’s behind!

That’s right, he has holes for accessories on his back-side. I can’t decide if I love or hate this. I think I’m on the love side. Just imagine the possibilities. Mr. Potato Head could have TWO faces. OR he could have a tail. Or he could have just eyes in the back of his head to catch his unruly children when they are up to no good. Or he could have an extra three arms. Or when someone asks him what he has up his butt, he’ll have an answer!

ENDLESS possibilities. I think I’m a fan. But at the same time, I didn’t really want Mr. Potato Head to change. We already have 10 Mr. Potato Heads in our house. We don’t need more. And yet this Potato Head’s multi-purpose butt is really tempting.


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Flying Potato Head

Lily: I want Mr. Potato Head to fly. I need to find another ear.

Me: Another ear? How would that make him fly.

Lily: I put it on top of his head and then he flies!

Helicopter Potato Head is ready to fight crime!

Me: Does it spin around like a helicopter?

Lily: Yes. He’s a flying Potato Head. Fly, Mr. Potato Head, fly!


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Potato Head Diet

I have nothing to say that Greg Proops didn’t already say. Thanks for sending me the link, Liz!



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Kids Play: Angry Shoes

According to Lily, the blue shoes Mr. Potato Head is not wearing in this picture are his angry shoes. The identical but slightly lighter blue shoes he is wearing are his happy shoes. I’m not sure how he keeps them straight.

This was probably inspired by “Toy Story 2″ outtakes, but who knows.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be sure to come back Monday for my week of “Sesame Street” rants.

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Kids Play: Santa

Even though we are Jewish, Santa comes to our house. Lily has a lot of thoughts about Santa, though most of them came from school already. Santa brought her sister a Santa Mr. Potato Head and Lily has a lot of thoughts about this. According to her, Santa wears a red hat with a white ball on top and shaving cream all over his face.

Also, “Santa Mr. Potato Head was NOT in ‘Toy Story 3′. He’s new. He’s NOT a Toy Story friend.” Yet at least five other potato head figures are allegedly Toy Story friends. Santa is excluded for some reason. Who knows.

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Kids Play: Circle Time, Version 2

As I mentioned before, my 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with role-playing her preschool’s circle time. She says circle time is her favorite part of the day. Based on the few times I’ve seen her at circle time, I’d say she means it! Lately she’s been setting her toys up on the recliner in our toy room for their own circle time.

Once they are all set up, she reads/sings them “We All Sing with the Same Voice” from her “The Cat in the Hat” book.

If I want Lily to clean the playroom, I tell her to put her toys in circle time and she arranges them exactly like this. Every toy has its own exact spot in the “circle”.

I’ve found it’s better to have my recliner as a toy shelf than an open chair. If we put the toys away where they technically belong, when it’s time to play again she trashes the place looking for all the right potato head pieces and “Toy Story Friends”. If they are all out on the chair, she has less to search for, destroy or put together (all the potato heads are assembled exactly the same way every time. Taking them apart just leads to chaos.). It’s still a mess, but it’s a slightly more contained mess. Sort of.

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Kids Play: It’s Backward

Look carefully at our Potato Head ears (and my handsome husband in the background, but ignore the clutter).

Our Potato Heads always have their ears on backward, or at least what most people would consider to be backward. Lily insists that the backward ears are forward. Whenever one of us flips the ears the “right” way, she gets really upset and says “NO! That’s backward!”

If you think about it, the way she does her Potato Head ears looks a bit more like human ears than the way Hasbo designed it. So, really, she’s brilliant and not weird for doing this.

Ok, she’s probably a little bit weird too, but what else is new?

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Kids Play: We all sing with the same voice

Ever since she first heard the song in preschool, Lily has been obsessed with “We All Sing With The Same Voice”, this beautiful song shown here on “Sesame Street”.

You can’t begin to understand how many times a day I am asked to play that video on my laptop!

She now knows all the words, even some of the obscure stuff. She sings it constantly, but she’s not the only one she makes sing it. She goes to the piano, lines up her Mr. Potato Head family, and hammers the piano while having the taters sing.

She also has become an abstract artist over this song. Whenever I ask her what she’s drawing, she says “This is ‘We all sing with the same voice! See?’”

Whatever she says!

Her preschool teacher says Lily might be drawing a picture she saw in the book they look at while they are singing. That sort of explains why Lily is repeatedly flipping through “Cat in the Hat” and “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” singing the song, though I’m pretty sure the “We All Sing With The Same Voice” book looks nothing like Dr. Seuss.

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Kids Play: Toy Story Friends Devoured

I just discovered this in this playroom.

“Wow,” you say. “That sure is a big Mr. Potato Head… but wait… what is that behind his eyes? Is that? It can’t be… It is!”

That’s right. It’s a Woody doll from the “Toy Story” movies. “There’s a snake in my boot, but Mr. Potato Head still ate me!” says Woody. Doesn’t he look scared? The casing is making his mouth look like he’s in distress!

If that weren’t bad enough, when I turned Mr. Potato Head, I discovered he also ate Cowgirl Jessie!

I have no idea how these events transpired. All I found is circumstantial evidence of something that was clearly hilarious. I wish I’d been paying more attention this morning!

What hilarity do you find in your playroom? Send your funny toy stories and pictures to creativekidsplay@gmail.com for publication on this blog.


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Kids Play: That’s you, Daddy!

A while back, I shared with you the multitude of characters my daughter says I allegedly look like. Today it’s my husband’s turn to share in the fun.

I think my husband is a perfectly lovely man, but my daughter apparently thinks otherwise.

It only took a couple youtube viewings of “Hakuna Matata” for her to decide Daddy and Pumba were the same person. I don’t know if it’s Pumba’s love of burping or eating bugs that made her decide this. Perhaps it’s his skin and hair color?

Every time she sees Cookie Monster, she yells “There’s Daddy! Daddy Cookie Monster!”

Daddy is also this giant Mr. Potato Head.

But she makes up for all these unintended insults by saying Paul Rudd is her Daddy.

Or maybe she just knows something we don’t.

If Paul Rudd really IS her Daddy, I wish I could remember that night!

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