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Elmo’s Girlfriend, Katy Perry

I’ve been making an effort to make sure the kids know who is singing on the radio. Rose will proudly walk around spouting her love for Bruno Mars. Lily goes on and on about how she just loves Train and Neon Trees. It’s worlds apart from me sitting in my fifth grade class filling out a survey about my “favorites” and being humiliated that I could not name one current band. My friend Jill told me I should put New Kids on the Block, so I did. Based on that statement, can you tell what year it was?

We were watching Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” video and Lily turned to me all serious, “Hey, I know her!”

“Oh yeah?” I said.

“Isn’t she the girl who wants to play dress up with Elmo?” Lily said.

Yes. Yes, she is.

And yes, I let my kids watch that allegedly racy video that Sesame Street pulled because parents were complaining Katy Perry’s shirt was too-low cut. My girls see way more boob than that every single day since I’m nursing Violet.

It cracks me up that Lily thinks of one of today’s biggest, most dramatic pop stars as a girl who plays dress up with Elmo (in a banned video, no less).


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Kids Play: Combination Guitar

The other day, Lily told me she was playing the guitar and started singing “We All Sing With The Same Voice” (is there any other song? Not in this house.).

Her guitar was, of course, a combination lock. It looks so much like a guitar. How can you blame her?

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Kids Play: We all sing with the same voice

Ever since she first heard the song in preschool, Lily has been obsessed with “We All Sing With The Same Voice”, this beautiful song shown here on “Sesame Street”.

You can’t begin to understand how many times a day I am asked to play that video on my laptop!

She now knows all the words, even some of the obscure stuff. She sings it constantly, but she’s not the only one she makes sing it. She goes to the piano, lines up her Mr. Potato Head family, and hammers the piano while having the taters sing.

She also has become an abstract artist over this song. Whenever I ask her what she’s drawing, she says “This is ‘We all sing with the same voice! See?’”

Whatever she says!

Her preschool teacher says Lily might be drawing a picture she saw in the book they look at while they are singing. That sort of explains why Lily is repeatedly flipping through “Cat in the Hat” and “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” singing the song, though I’m pretty sure the “We All Sing With The Same Voice” book looks nothing like Dr. Seuss.

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