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My girls have been obsessed with the 1982 movie musical “Annie” lately. Both girls have been singing “Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow” non-stop. Me, I’m partial to “Little Girls”, especially now that I have THREE of them. There’s so much about Miss Hannigan that I respect more now that I’m an adult, even though she is a mean, drunk whore I hope I’ll never be like. Still, sometimes I can relate to having an abundance of girls driving me crazy.

I remember when I was a kid I wanted a locket like Annie more than anything in the world. I’m not sure what’s so appealing about Annie’s broken locket to little girls, but it’s a pretty consistent thing. We ALL want Annie lockets. Why? Do we want to be orphans with long-lost secretly-dead parents? Do we want to live in an orphanage? Why do we want to have a locket that symbolizes so much sadness? There’s a nice bit of hope in Annie’s locket, but it’s a false hope.

Whatever the case, I had an inkling my own little girls might want Annie lockets, so I’ve been on the hunt for some super cheap ones. I found some for $4 each at Walmart and, as I suspected, Lily and Rose were beyond ecstatic about them.

Now that Rose has her Annie locket, she keeps asking me to sing “Tomorrow”. She claims that you can only sing “Tomorrow” when the locket is open because that is when the sun shines out of the locket and you can see a picture of Annie.

I think she’s referring to the opening credits in which headshots of each character are shown through the broken locket.

Side note: Did you know that Edward Herrmann, Richard Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls”, plays President Roosevelt in “Annie”? Every time the girls watch it, I stare at FDR and try to figure out how THAT Edward Herrmann is the SAME Edward Herrmann as Richard Gilmore. I can’t see it. But it’s true somehow! I can hear it a little bit when he obnoxiously orders Daddy Warbucks to sing “Tomorrow” with Annie, but looks-wise it’s baffling.


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Little Red Dresses?

Earlier this week, the girls watched “Annie” for the first time. Like me, the girls are suckers for musicals and absolutely loved it, especially Rose who is my future drama club girl. Today she told me that Annie is her favorite.

Wait? Her favorite? What about Cinderella?

“I like Annie even more,” said the girl who won’t allow me to dress her in anything but blue because that’s what Cinderella wears to the ball.

Does this mean I have to buy all red for her now? Because I already bought her blue dresses for spring/summer? On top of the large non-blue hand-me-down wardrobe that already existed?

If she wants red, she’s SOL.


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