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Build-A-Bear Pony Hanukkah Conundrum

Hanukkah falls ridiculously early this year. It starts the night before Thanksgiving. So, two days before most people even start their holiday shopping, I’m supposed to be completely done with mine. There’s no Black Friday for Jews’ Hanukkah this year– although I suppose you could shop for the remaining 5 days, I prefer to be more prepared than that. I like to have all my gifts wrapped, labeled and ready to go on the first night of Hanukkah.

One particular Black Friday event has thrown a wrench in my gift-giving plans. The big girls are obsessed with My Little Ponies, and Build-A-Bear recently released a line of My Little Pony plushes, which they are slowly putting out on the market one pony at a time. The big girls already got Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle for the birthdays.

Pinkie Pie sold out at Build-A-Bear almost immediately from what I understand, and Lily was sad to learn that she would never have at home access to ALL the Build-A-Bear My Little Ponies. I hadn’t planned on getting her ALL of them because they are $$$$$, but apparently that was in her big plan. I was actually a little glad when I found out Pinkie Pie was sold out because it meant the set could never be complete and I wouldn’t have to secure all six ponies.

Well, that plan got destroyed. Build-A-Bear rereleased Pinkie Pie, but with a catch. You couldn’t make her in the store until Black Friday. I refuse to go to the mall on or around Black Friday. I hate crowds! Pinkie Pie was available online earlier, though, and I ordered her and received her shortly thereafter.

Now I was faced with the very annoying reality that I only had ONE pony to give to two (or three) girls at Hanukkah, but I decided they could share it until…

Build-A-Bear announced they were releasing Fluttershy. Great! Now I have a pony for each girl for Hanukkah. But wait. Wait!

Fluttershy isn’t available until Black Friday. You can not preorder her on the website. The only way I can get Fluttershy in time for Hanukkah if you consider shipping times is if I go to Build-A-Bear on or after Black Friday.

Oh yay.

I guess we’re stuck doing that, but it creates a whole new equal sister treatment problem. We already have one pre-stuffed pony. Who gets the unstuffed pony? Are we going to fight over who gets to make Fluttershy? Is it wrong to give one sister a stuffed pony and then take the other one to go make one herself?

I mean, what to do, right? I suppose I could go out to the mall (45 minutes away) by myself mid-Hanukkah to stuff Fluttershy by myself, but that’s time-consuming and also seems unfair. Or maybe I could buy a pre-stuffed one in the store? Or maybe the girls will be ok with sharing stuffing responsibilities? Or?

I also absolutely can’t make my mom the year-end photobook I usually make her for Hanukkah because I’d have to finish, oh, right now, and that’s seriously not close enough to year end.

You see what this early Hanukkah does to people? Or how Black Friday totally neglects Jewish people this year? I want Fluttershy right now and I need her for Jewish children, but nope. I can’t get her.

Thanks a lot, Build-A-Bear, Black Friday and the Jewish lunar calendar. Thanks a lot.



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Facebook Saves the (Birth)Day!

Today was Lily’s sixth birthday. When Lily came home from kindergarten, Rose gave her a present that Rose herself had specifically picked out for Lily. (Man, it’s hard to deal with pronouns in writing when all your kids are girls.) Rose and Lily are obsessed with the Cutie Mark Crusaders on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” They are obsessed with My Little Ponies in general, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders are their favorites by far.
In case you are not a brony (adult fan of My Little Ponies, or “MLP” as those in the know call it), the Cutie Mark Crusaders are the little sisters of three of the older ponies. A cutie mark is the decal most ponies have on their flanks. It apparently shows your true talent and comes when you hit puberty discover your passion. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are three ponies who have formed a club with the intent of getting their periods cutie marks as soon as possible.

My girls spend most of the time they are not playing with their many MLPs pretending that they are the Cutie Mark Crusaders. When Lily saw a friend open the Crusaders at a birthday party recently, her eyes got really big and she ran to me and said “MOMMY! LOOK! It’s them!”

I knew what I had to do. And needless to say, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were the highlight of Lily’s birthday. She was so very pleased to finally add them to her collection. She and Rose immediately ran off to play with them.

Five minutes later, Lily yelled “Mommy! HELP! Scootaloo fell down a hole in the piano!”

We have a converted player piano and the music stand/front cover of it was unstable and unsafe to be around kids, but we are too cheap to hire someone to fix it. We have taken off the over and you can see all the strings and hammers inside the piano. It’s kind of educational looking, but occasionally a toy/book falls in the top of it. It’s easy to reach in and get it out. I told Lily to just pick up the pony and move on.

Don't mind the mess. The piano is in the playroom.

Don’t mind the mess. The piano is in the playroom.

“I can’t reach! I can’t even see her! She’s WAY down the hole!”

“What do you mean you can’t see her? What hole?”

I came in and discovered the hole Lily was talking about was nothing I had ever noticed about the piano before.
How? HOW? How did Scootaloo even fit?

She claimed it was an accident. I looked down the hole and could see nothing. It was a pitch black cavernous hole to the bottom of the piano. I looked around the piano and could see no way into it. Then I informed Lily that I would try my hardest to fish Scootaloo, who is not only a Cutie Mark Crusader but Lily’s FAVORITE Cutie Mark Crusader, out of the hole, but the truth was we may never see Scootaloo again.

Lily burst into tears. She was so upset that Scootaloo was lost, and so was I. Scootaloo is only available in a Cutie Mark Crusader 3-pack like the one I bought for $25. I didn’t want to pay $25 to replace a pony (but I think I would have because it would be SUCH a bummer to have only 2 of the 3 characters they love SO MUCH).

I honestly thought Scootaloo was lost forever. I got a flashlight and I could see Scootaloo looking back up at me. “Help me! I’m inside a piano!” I rigged a wad of duct tape to a couple different poking apparatuses and tried my best to get her, but no luck.

And that’s when I posted a picture of the piano hole on facebook and told a shortened version of this very distressing birthday tragedy. Within 15 minutes, a friend of mine popped up and told me she knew how to open my piano. Her father was a piano tuner, so she knew that if you pulled up on a metal bar hidden below the keyboard, the front panel of the piano would flip forward.

I ran over to the piano, found the bar, yanked it and the next thing I knew I was staring at a lot of dust, Scootaloo and a Little People doll (how long has THAT been there?).
Facebook totally saved Scootaloo! If it weren’t for facebook (and my friend), Scootaloo would probably be trapped in that piano forever and I would be $25 poorer for it because my girls HAVE to have all three Cutie Mark Crusaders. HAVE TO.

Thank goodness for facebook miracles! Also, always friend the piano tuner’s daughter! You never know. It just might save a toy’s life.


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Mystery Solving

The kids have decided the tennis rackets are magnifying glasses. They use them to solve “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”-based crimes in the backyard.


Now I’m aware that this photo doesn’t quite show anything resembling magnifying glasses. Trust me, the tennis rackets are never actually held like tennis rackets! Apparently this is how pony girls hold magnifying glasses.


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Hair Tie Skirts

Lily recently got giant hair scrunchies in a birthday party goody bag. I tried to get her to try them in her hair, though I doubted they would work out because her hair is so fine. I could easily use rubber bands from braces to tie ALL of her hair in a ponytail.

Anyway, she wouldn’t let me try the scrunchies, but insisted on playing with them. I came into the playroom to find the scrunchies around her My Little Ponies’ waists. Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle now wear skirts pretty much full time.

Naturally, ponies should wear skirts.

Why didn’t I think of that?



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Toy WTF: Vain Pony

Rose got a Princess Celestia My Little Pony for her birthday next week. She loves it, but all of us, including the gift-giver (my mother) are appalled by what Princess Celestia has to say about herself. She has to be the most narcissistic talking toy I’ve ever seen/heard.

Things Princess Celestia has to say about herself:

*My wings are so pretty.

*My barrettes look so pretty.

*I love when you comb my hair.

*Oh, my hair looks beautiful!

Wow. I mean, great that she has a good self-esteem, but that’s a little over the top. She says maybe four other things, so half of what she says is describing how beautiful she finds herself.

And while she is indeed a beautiful pony, WTF?


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