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Peppa Pig

What is the deal with “Peppa Pig”?

My daughters absolutely love it. They giggle hysterically whenever the pigs laugh. They think Peppa is the funniest thing since… “Little Bear”. I didn’t say their senses of humor was finely developed because I have no idea how “Little Bear” is funny, but they seem to think it is.

There are parts of “Peppa Pig” that are enjoyable and I can see that. What I can’t see is what is educational about it. Nick Jr. is allegedly “Preschool on TV”. Most of the shows do have some learning elements to them, but these pigs never seem to be learning anything. They aren’t really teaching anything. The only thing possibly different about it is that the pigs are British and speak with British accents. Do British accents somehow make our children learn more?

There are, of course, other ethnic shows on this channel– Dora, Diego and Kai Lan. All three of those shows teach kids other languages, among other things. “Peppa Pig” does none of that, although I did learn the other day that Brits call flashlights “torches”. I’m sure my kids were just like “Why the hell did they just call that flashlight a torch when it’s clearly a flashlight?” They probably also wonder why the pigs keep calling their yard “the garden” or gasoline “petro”. Since the pigs also speak English and never stop to say “This is how we say it in Britain,” kids are just left assuming that these are other terms are synonyms for words we use here. I suppose they are in a way, but if you walked into a gas station in the US and asked for “petro” people would think you were insane.

I don’t have a problem with “Peppa Pig” as a cartoon for preschoolers in general, I just don’t get how Nick Jr. can pretend it’s educational programming. It’s clearly not. (Dr. Toy Warden says it IS educational. It teaches us about British pigs.)


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