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The Climber

This isn’t a story about kids or toys. This is a story about my dog. Since my dog is 7, perhaps he qualifies as a kid?

Whenever we travel with the dog, we make plenty of room for him to sit in the van, even with our insane amount of luggage. We always clear out a  special place for him and I’m not sure why we bother. He never ever stays where he belongs. He tramples our luggage and crushes our snacks. He wrinkles any dress I might have hanging in the back by lying on it. He’s a good dog and he’s doing his best to stay calm and comfortable during long car rides, but really? Must he lie THERE?

This past trip, my husband made a special place for Lumpy to lie and then purposefully piled the luggage so high that he said it was protected and there was no way Lumpy could get up there.

He was wrong.

The highest spot in the car is clearly the safest and most comfortable.

Short of forcing that poor dog to ride in a kennel on our trips, would take up even MORE space in our packed van, there’s nothing we can do to stop him. He wins at car domination. He is unstoppable. At least this time he didn’t try to sit on the baby (that’s also happened).



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Kids Play: Hermit Crabs

Lisa’s kids’ hermit crabs had an exciting adventure last week when her daughters and the neighbor kid decided to play with them like dolls. These spoiled crabs got to enjoy a day in the lap of luxury! Or maybe they just put up with it. One or the other.

Don’t sleep in the beds, you’ll get crabs! (Sorry, I had to.)

What hermit crab doesn’t love riding around in a convertible and letting the wind blow through its hair?

After a long drive on a hot day, hermit crabs enjoy a nice dip in the pool.

I say it’s time to dump the terrarium and move these crabs into the dollhouse full time!

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