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A Tale of Two Baby Princesses

Rose recently became very attached to her Baby Sleeping Beauty doll. She has spent a lot of time caring for the doll. Her attachment to this doll has become so intense that she has actually been bringing Baby Sleeping Beauty on outings instead of Baby Woof Woof. Lily finds this part of the development disturbing. Who doesn’t want a Woof Woof with them all the time? Rose has clearly gone mad!

At the same time, Lily became intensely jealous of Rose’s domination of Baby Sleeping Beauty. Since Baby Sleeping Beauty is specifically Rose’s toy and we have PLENTY of other baby dolls, I haven’t made Rose share her. Lily REALLY wanted to play with Sleeping Beauty, but every time she touched the doll, Rose would get really upset. I repeatedly told Lily she had to respect that Baby Sleeping Beauty was Rose’s “special” toy and Rose didn’t have to share her. Lily could play with ANY other doll in the house.

Seriously, she had plenty of choices.

Lily got upset and said she just wanted to play with Sleeping Beauty. Lily has been amazingly good lately and hasn’t cashed in her chore stickers in a long time. I told her since she’s been such a great helper, we could go get her her own princess baby. She could have any princess baby she wanted. The dolls are only $10. I will gladly pay $10 to stop the crying and whining.

Lily said she wanted Baby Sleeping Beauty. She didn’t want another princess.

Monday we made a special trip to Walmart to get another Baby Sleeping Beauty, but when we got there there was no Baby Sleeping Beauty to be found. They had Baby Belle, Baby Tiana and Baby Cinderella, but Baby Sleeping Beauty was missing.

Ironically, the only reason we have Baby Sleeping Beauty is because when I went Hanukkah shopping for Rose the store was out of the Baby Cinderella Rose wanted.

I told Lily I was sorry, but they didn’t have Baby Sleeping Beauty. She could have another princess or we’d just have to wait.

Lily is usually pretty easy-going about toy shopping, but she got very upset about this. “I don’t want another princess! I just want to play with Baby Sleeping Beauty! If I can’t play with Sleeping Beauty, I don’t want to play with anything ever again!”

Now, I suppose I shouldn’t have indulged this near tantrum, but I agreed. It wasn’t fair. I asked what she wanted me to do to fix the situation and she told me to buy Rose Baby Cinderella so Lily could have Sleeping Beauty.

I’d thought of that, but I was worried that Rose was so attached to Baby Sleeping Beauty that she STILL wouldn’t let Lily touch it after I’d bought the second doll and that Lily would be unhappy if she had to play with Baby Cinderella instead of Baby Sleeping Beauty.

I bargained. “Ok, if I buy Baby Cinderella, you guys have to take turns with the baby princesses. If Rose has Baby Sleeping Beauty, you will play with Baby Cinderella. If Lily has Baby Sleeping Beauty, you have to play with Baby Cinderella and if anyone gets upset about this, I will take BOTH dolls.”

Rose immediately grabbed onto the Baby Cinderella and handed Lily the Sleeping Beauty. “This is my most favorite Cinderella doll ever!” she declared.

She hasn’t put it down since.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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Little Mommy

Sunday night, I did something I don’t usually do. I hung a dress for Rose to wear in the morning on the outside of her closet. I figured at the very least maybe someone would bring the dress downstairs so I wouldn’t have to walk upstairs after the girls woke up.

Well, Lily did me one better. After she woke up and got herself dressed (She always picks out her own clothes and dresses herself before she comes downstairs. It’s awesome.), Lily got her little sister dressed too. She took off Rose’s blue nightgown and pulled on her new blue dress. I was happy to see Rose come downstairs dressed. Half my morning work was done.

Shortly after Rose came downstairs, I asked her to get me a diaper so I could change her. She said no and was very adamant about it. I didn’t really care much and left the situation alone. I figured I could change her after breakfast.

Another hour of parental neglect (and breakfast and playing) later and we were getting ready to leave the house. I realized I STILL hadn’t changed Rose’s diaper. I went to do it to discover a miracle: Rose was already wearing a daytime diaper. She wears Huggies Overnites at night and Pampers Cruisers during the day. That’s how I know she had been changed.


“Yes! I went to put a dress on Rose, but she said she wanted a new diaper. She took off her Winnie the Pooh diaper and so I put a Sesame Street diaper on her instead!”

The diaper was crumpled and folded over a bit in the back and not quite tight enough in the front, but it was on well enough that it hadn’t leaked even though it was already wet.

It was absolutely amazing. I was SO proud of Lily. She’s only 4.5 years old, but it’s almost like having a mother’s helper around to have something like this happen!

I know this is how Mrs. Duggar does it, but she actually trains her kids to take care of each other. This happened all on its own!

I wonder what I can get Lily to do when the new baby comes? Will I need to be here at all?


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Get It Out of My Sight

Months and months (perhaps years?) ago my sister brought the girls this little Canadian moose mountie from her vacation in Vancouver.

My sister gave them the gift in the van and I guess the moose fell under the back seat where it stayed until my husband was vacuuming the van last week. My husband yanked an embarrassing amount of stuff out of the van and stuffed it all in a box, which I then sorted into piles of “trash”, “house” and “van”. I put the moose into the “house” pile, but Lily kept moving it to the “trash” pile.

Me: Quit moving the moose. That’s the trash pile and the moose needs to go in the house.

Lily: I know. I don’t want that moose.

Me: But Emi gave you this moose! He’s a Canadian Mountie!

Lily: I don’t like that moose. We should give him away.

Me: Well, I guess we can give him to someone else…

Lily: Someone else might like him, but I don’t. We need to get rid of that moose.

She was really REALLY determined to get rid of this poor little cute stuffed moose my sister was nice enough to bring to her from Canada (and I was careless enough to lose under the backseat of the car for possibly years. Sorry, sis! We play with all your other gifts! I swear!).

The next day our neighbor was having a garage sale. When I explained to Lily what that meant, she said “We need to take the moose over there so they can sell it to someone else.”

We didn’t do that.

Every time she sees the moose sitting in our house, she reminds me that she wants to give it away. I finally got it out of her that she doesn’t like this perfectly cute stuffed animal because its clothes don’t come off. She’s used to being able to change the clothes on her dolls and Build-A-Bears, but this moose is forever stuck in a mountie uniform. Apparently, non-removable clothes are hate inducing.

Or she maybe she just really hates Canada.


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Looks Just Like…

Earlier this week we were at the park when Lily came up to me frantic about some kid climbing up the slide.

Lily: Mommy, LOOK!

Me: What?

Lily: LOOK, Mommy, LOOK!!!! That boy!

Me: Which boy?

Lily: That boy climbing up the slide!!!!

Me: Oh, I know I tell you not to climb up the slide, but there’s no one at the top and if his mommy says it’s ok, it’s ok. I rather you didn’t do it though. It’s dangerous.

Lily: LOOK!

Me: What?!

Lily: That boy on the slide!

Me: I see him. It’s really ok. Don’t worry about him.

Lily: No, Mommy! Look!

Me: I really don’t know what you want me to see.

Lily: That boy looks just like Paul!

Me: Oh. Paul from school?

Lily: YES!

Me: Well is it Paul? I don’t know what Paul looks like.

Lily: That boy looks just like Paul!

Me: Is it Paul, or does it just LOOK like Paul?

Lily: It IS Paul.

Me: Well… go say hi to him then!

She played with Paul the rest of the time we were at the park.

Am I a horrible human being that I can’t identify hardly any of the boys in Lily’s preschool class? There are 12 of them and I swear most of them are identical to me! The ones I can identify either also went to preschool with her last year or have some unique physical characteristic that distinguishes them to me. With 12 boys in Lily’s class this year, all I see is a blur of short haired kids who move too quickly for me to memorize their faces!


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“I already have one”

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you plan, especially when a preschooler is involved. What a preschooler wants and what a preschooler means are clearly two different things!

For weeks, Lily has been asking me for “piggy coins” for her Hamm the pig. Her Hamm is a freebie we sent away for with four cereal box codes. He’s not exactly high quality. His cork comes out if you look at him wrong. He wasn’t piggy bank material when you consider the 1 year old we have wandering around here.

I wanted to use coins as rewards for chores, so I told her we could go get a new, functioning piggy bank if she picked up her toys for five days and after that she would get “piggy coins” every time she did something good. She held up her end of the deal, so we made a special trip to the store just to get her piggy bank.

Lily was very enthusiastic about our trip and the whole piggy bank gaining/buying process and the prospect of piggy coins until we walk up to the pigs and I point out the prettiest one. And she says “I don’t want one. I already have one.”

Then she got very upset when I informed her again that her flimsy Hamm could not be her piggy bank. She couldn’t play with him if he had coins in him. I told her we could buy a second Hamm to hold piggy coins and that upset her even more.

I don’t know how she thought “buying a new piggy bank” meant “putting coins in your existing piggy bank”, but I guess my grown-up to preschooler language is still in development.

My reward was going down the tubes after days of build-up and I didn’t know what to do! She still wanted coins. She loves coins, and I wanted to use them as a reward so badly that I told her we were buying a particularly cute piggy bank in a tiara and tutu and she could keep her coins in there, but still play with Hamm.

“I don’t want Mrs. Pig! I want piggy coins!” is the retort I got.

Mrs. Pig, eh? I’m impressed she knew to call her that!

I bought Mrs. Pig anyway. She and Hamm sit on top of the piano together until Hamm needs to go play with his friends.

Mrs. Pig didn’t get the warmest reception at home. I thought I’d have to return her. Lily shoved the first piggy coins into Hamm and I was going to let him be the bank if she kept him on the piano, but she promptly took his cork out and endangered the baby.

It took some heavy prompting and praise of Mrs. Pig , but her reward, which somehow turned into a torture device and made me feel like a bad mom, is now being used for piggy coins. Every time she does something good, the piggy coin goes in Mrs. Pig.

I just wish the acquisition of Mrs. Pig had been as glorious as it promised to be!


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