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Close, but No Cigar

And now, a moment of greed.

For months, I’ve been taking my kids into a department store with me and showing them a pair of earrings I really liked. For weeks, I’ve been telling them to tell their dad I wanted those earrings for Mother’s Day. For weeks, I’ve been telling my husband to take my kids to this department store because they knew which earrings I wanted. Yesterday, my husband took the kids to the department store to buy the earrings. They came back and everyone was excited because they were sure they got me what I wanted.

I was excited too. I really wanted these earrings. I couldn’t wait to open them and FINALLY wear them. They were pretty cheap earrings, so I’m not sure why I didn’t buy them for myself, but I haven’t. I just want them NOW.

Can you see where this is heading?

This morning I opened the box to find NOT the earrings I’ve been showing the kids for WEEKS, months maybe. I’ve wanted these earrings a long time.

I’m not good at hiding what I’m thinking. I immediately said “That’s not them!”

I back-tracked and said “But they’re very close! Good job remembering!”

But still. How disappointing!

They were very close. VERY close. They got me the small stud version of the earrings I wanted when I’d repeatedly shown them the dangles. I’m a bead and a fishhook away from having the earring I want. But I REALLY don’t want the studs.

Which just goes to show that small children never understand what you want. It doesn’t matter how specific you are or how complete your plan is, when you put small children in charge of showing your husband what you want, it’s not going to happen. Even if you have a wishlist.

Anyway, I’m going to return these earrings to get what I want. Also, as payback for my pain and suffering I bought a second pair of earrings I wanted at Kohl’s today.

Otherwise, aside from some restaurant ridiculousness with the big kids, it’s been a lovely Mother’s Day and I’m thankful for my adorable children, even if they fail at following directions. The dangles! Not the studs! The dangles!

And thus ends our tale of a spoiled person. Or really an unspoiled person because I still don’t have those damn earrings!


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Tricking a 2 year old

One of Lily’s larger Hanukkah presents is a Leapfrog Scribble and Write (and I highly highly recommend this toy to people with kids who are learning to write their letters. It’s amazing!). She played with it over at a friend’s house recently and was overjoyed when she opened it here. The toy was about $20. The same night, I gave Rose a $3 imitation Magna Doodle. Even though The Scribble and Write talks and lights up, Rose is convinced her $3 non-electronic Magna Doodle rip-off is the exact same toy as what her big sister got.

Clearly these toys are identical.

While both toys involve drawing on an erasable board, they are clearly very different. But Rose KNOWS it must be the same toy. Whenever Lily plays with her Scribble and Write, Rose sits right next to her and draws on her Magna Doodle. She even proudly declares “I’m drawing letters!” (She’s not. Except for maybe “O”.)

I wonder when she’ll figure out that Lily got the better toy that night?


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$5 of Joy

EDIT: This was supposed to be posted tomorrow, but I guess I messed up my scheduling dates! Oops! So much for getting ahead. Enjoy it early.

We’re on night 8 of Wheneveryouwannukah Hanukkah over here (it’s officially night 2 to the rest of the Jews). Monday night we had our unexpected biggest hit so far. What do you think it was? Surely it must have been some big expensive toy that the girls have been begging for, right?

Wrong. The combined total of BOTH gifts was $5.

Most luxurious Hanukkah present ever!

I gave them a box of crayons to share and two coloring books from The Dollar Tree. The coloring books were of My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake. When the kids opened them, the level of excitement in here was insane. They were bouncing off the walls excited and screaming about the coloring books and new crayons. It was the type of reaction I’d have if I’d won the lottery. I wish I’d had my video camera going, but who’d have known? I thought I was giving them a sell-out junk gift.

We have not had this type of reaction for any of the other gifts we’ve given them EVER. Their gifts this Hanukkah have ranged in price from $1 to $35. Although they seem to have liked everything, in comparison their reaction was luke warm at best for the $35 presents.

If I had known how exciting a $1 My Little Pony coloring book would be, we’d have spent $16 total for Hanukkah instead of the hundreds we ended up spending!

It just goes to show, with little kids (and perhaps all kids) how much you spend has very little to do with how much they like the gift. Next year I’m buying a lot more things at the dollar store!


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Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah at our house. Now, if you are not Jewish, you’re probably about to yell “Happy Hanukkah!” and run to write on all your Jewish friends’ facebook walls.

It is not Hanukkah. While it’s true that some years Hanukkah falls around now and in fact Hanukkah changes its date on the Western calendar every single year, it is not Hanukkah this year until December 20. Yep, 6 days from now.

But at our house, it’s Hanukkah. We have a lot of plans that will interrupt Hanukkah itself and make it difficult to celebrate when it is. The plans include visiting my in-laws. The idea of traveling with a menorah and candles and millions of presents, some of which would make our car trip seem shorter, turned me off so much that we are starting Hanukkah early here.

Or whenever we want, which is today.

It makes me a bad Jew, but a practical mom/traveler. Dealing with all those presents and candles and singing and a menorah and a long car ride and…

Yeah. No.

We will still overlap Hanukkah by 2 days and the girls will get all 8 nights of cultural goodness, if only on a different time schedule than other Jews this particular year. If it were different year, Hanukkah might have ended already! One recent year (too lazy to look it up) it started something like December 4.

I know that Jewish holidays follow the Jewish calendar and there’s a religious significance to when they fall, but our holidays seem really random by the Western calendar. It seems like Hanukkah already falls whenever THEY want (or whenevertheywannukkah). This year we’re just taking the power into our own hands and making it when WE want it/need it. It’s no different than meeting family members you couldn’t see on a holiday and celebrating the holiday later. Or earlier.

Let the Wheneveryouwannukah celebration begin!



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