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Cinderella is awesome because…

The answer to “Where’s Woof Woof?” is that Woof Woof is in every single picture except the one with my brother-in-law reading “Fairy Tales For Girls”. Oddly, Woof Woof didn’t go to the grocery store with us today, but Rose brought Baby Woof Woof who has been largely ignored lately. It MIGHT have had something to do with my putting Baby Woof Woof’s Cinderella dress back on her.

I asked Rose today why Cinderella is her favorite thing on earth.

“Because she cleans the floor! She cleans the whole floor!”

Apparently cleaning the floor makes you an awesome role model, which is interesting because Rose herself has never ever cleaned the floor.

Lily chimed in, “She has a stepmother who is SO nice!”

I kept asking if she was sure the stepmother was nice because, hello, Cinderella’s stepmother is notoriously evil. In fact, she’s known as “Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother”. I mean, that’s what she’s called! But Lily thinks she’s nice. I asked if she was sure she didn’t mean the Fairy Godmother.

“The Fairy Godmother is nice too, but the stepmother is REALLY nice.”

Is this because the stepmother makes Cinderella clean and I make Lily clean? Does this mean I’m like the evil stepmother and people who boss you around are always nice?

And those are the things I’m paranoid about today.

For the record, here are the things Lily is expected to clean: HER toys, HER books and HER crayons. It’s true that she cleans up after her mess-making accomplice Rose too, but I really don’t think it’s at an evil stepmother level AND there are rewards– stickers that can be turned into prizes such as a new dress for Woof Woof.

I think we need to have a “Tangled” level talk about what characters in “Cinderella” are nice and mean. Maybe the part where the stepmother tells Cinderella she can go to the ball if she does all her work is confusing to her?



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Princess Train

The princesses seem to have kicked the My Little Ponies out of the train to Indiana.

They are inconsistent on their final destination, but they seem to like to go all the way down the hall from the play room to our living room so they can visit our Cinderella’s castle kitchen.

Lily and Rose are convinced this castle kitchen is “the palace” and the princesses are going to the ball there. All the princesses get out of the train and dance on top of the stove. Somehow their feet don’t get burned in the process.

As I’ve said before, I hate these little princess dolls, yet we seem to keep accumulating more of them. Our crappy princess population recently doubled when I found a bag of the buggers for $1 at a garage sale. Now there are tiny princesses everywhere all the time. It drives me crazy, but it makes them so happy.


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Toy WTF: Out of Scale Play Sets

Here’s a simple rule that apparently is impossible to follow: If you are going to make accessories your dolls are supposed to fit inside, you better make sure your dolls fit in them before you start marketing them to the public.

We have two Disney items that don’t fit the figurines for which they were allegedly built and I absolutely don’t understand WTF the manufacturer was thinking. First, there’s Cinderella’s carriage.

It looks like a great toy, right? What’s not to love? It has everything: Cinderella, the mice, the fairy godmother, horses. Great stuff.

It SHOULD be great stuff, but it’s totally not. First of all, it falls apart very easily. The platform the mouse stands on falls off every 5 seconds and your child will ask you every 5 seconds to put it back together. The two halves of the the top of the carriage also pop off easily and you will also be asked to fix this so many times you’ll be ready to throw it out.

If that weren’t bad enough, Cinderella literally can not sit in the carriage while she is wearing her little rubber dress. Her legs don’t bend while she’s wearing it, which means she can’t sit. The carriage lid can not shut while she is standing. What’s hilarious about this is they clearly discovered there were problems with this toy during the promotional photo shoots, but didn’t do anything to fix it.

See how Cinderella is standing instead of sitting? See how the carriage is open? It can not close while she’s in there. If you move the carriage, she will fall over.

WTF? Make the carriage a little taller and this problem goes away. Put these damn figurines in cloth dresses instead of immobile rubber dresses that rip easily and the problem will disappear. I don’t understand why they thought this was acceptable.

Look at the hilarity– on Amazon there’s not just one promo picture like this, there’s two!

And this is just one of probably many toys for these figurines that isn’t to scale and doesn’t work with the dolls. We also have a set of Tinker Bell fairies that don’t fit in the little fairy house we have for them.

Tinker Bell can not stand up all the way in this house. She can not sit on the little thimble stool without falling over. It’s ridiculous. They seriously need to play with these toys in the toy engineering department place before selling them.

I mean that’s two out of two accessories for our Disney dolls that don’t actually fit the dolls for which they were designed. That’s just not right. WTF?


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Double Crown

A week ago, I bought Rose a rainbow crown from Claire’s. Ever since then, she has been wearing the crown non-stop. She’s even been wearing it outside the house. If she isn’t wearing the crown, she gets upset and wants me to find it for her. “Where my rainbow crown? I need my rainbow crown!”

Yesterday while we were hunting for more blue dresses, I found a clearance Cinderella costume for $8 at Walmart. The costume came with a Cinderella skirt, shirt, shoes and crown. Since Rose is absolutely obsessed with Cinderella, she wants to wear the shoes, the crown and one of her blue dresses EVERYWHERE all the time.

But she also still wants to wear her new rainbow crown.

Instead of alternating the rainbow crown and the Cinderella crown, she now insists that she wear BOTH. ALL THE TIME. Even to bed.

She insisted on wearing both crowns to the mall today. We met her dad for lunch and she immediately ran up to him and said “Daddy! Look at my crowns! Are they pretty?” My husband is a tough nut to crack when it comes to smiles, but that made him laugh.

Rose is such a different girl from her sister, who REFUSED to even try on costumes at this age and didn’t even want to wear dresses in the wintertime (that changed, but last year Lily wouldn’t wear any skirts in winter, even with pants. This year Lily wants dresses all the time, but at 2 and 3 she wouldn’t have it.). Rose’s insistence on wearing a blue dress every day has won her four new blue dresses and a new Cinderella costume so far. I need at least three more blue dresses to make it through the week.

By the way, if you think it’s easy to keep two crowns on a kid, think again. They don’t stay on well together and tears are shed whenever one falls off.

This is what I get for wishing I had the type of kid who wanted to wear costumes when Lily was refusing to touch them. Total payback!


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Blue Dress Drama

Now that Rose has actually seen “Cinderella”, her fever pitch obsession with her blue costume has grown more intense. She doesn’t want to take the costume off EVER. If she’s going to bed, she HAS TO wear her blue nightgown. If we are leaving the house, she throws a big tantrum when I try to get her dressed in anything that’s not blue. If she already has her costume on, we have a big bloody battle to get it off and put her in real clothes.

I’d just leave the costume on to save myself the headache, but it’s too cold out and she often has pjs on under it. The girl needs to wear some real clothes outside of the house. Besides which, the costume is getting really worn out and I don’t think it would last long if I allowed it to be worn even more. I make concessions. I’m ok with her wearing her crown and princess jewelry out, but I really want her to wear real clothes outside!

I’ve been on the hunt to make her spring wardrobe 100% blue dresses to stop the madness. Last week I was searching for dresses online and she got very excited when I showed her the dresses I’d found. “I want a new blue dress! I want a new blue dress!” It’s almost disturbing how aware she is of clothes and girly things.

The next day we went to Kohls and bought her a new blue cotton dress for spring. She was so excited when she saw it that she started yelling about Cinderella and blue dresses. She got her greedy little toddler paws on the dress and wouldn’t let it go. I had to battle her for it to get it scanned by the cashier. She wanted to hold it in three stores we went to after that.

When we got home, she put on her new dress and wore it for three days straight before I had to fight her to put on something else because it needed to be washed. When her dad got home, she ran up to him and immediately began yelling “Daddy, see my new blue dress? Is it pretty?”

This is age 2. What’s she going to be like when she’s 15?! I’m scared.

I definitely need at least 6 more blue dresses because I can’t have this girl wear the same dress every day! I’ve been trying to sell her on other colors. Sleeping Beauty and Ariel wear pink! Tianna wears green! Belle wears yellow! Rapunzel wears purple! She’s not buying any of that. The dress has to be blue.



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Toy WTF: Tiny Princess Wardrobe Choices

WTF is up with Disney Princess Favorite Moment Dolls and their teeny, tiny changeable rubber outfits that rip the second a child tries to change them? Why on earth would you make little rubber outfits so tight that when a child tries to change them they rip? Our first Cinderella doll ripped her dress immediately. For some reason, we kept buying these things and I put in place the new rule that only Mommy and Daddy could change the dolls. This means that Dr. Toy Warden and I are CONSTANTLY changing teeny, tiny easy-to-rip rubber clothes. Why did they go with rubber? Why didn’t they go with cloth? Even the tiny cloth clothes are hard to change, but at least you aren’t stretching them over teeny, tiny oddly bent arms.

I’m particularly pissed off about the Ariel doll.

You see Ariel’s little purple shell bra? You can take it off for no good reason. It doesn’t fit quite right and slips around a lot.

Do you know what’s under Ariel’s purple shell bra? A green painted-on bra.

Why the hell isn’t Ariel’s purple bra just painted on her? It would make so much more sense and work so much better. The purple rubber bra is so little that it’s totally going to get lost. I’m amazed it hasn’t been lost yet.

Also, Ariel’s shoes are painted green. Her dress is pink. The shoes and bra don’t match her dress at all. Purple shoes matching the purple bra would look much better, but I guess the toy designer decided to make the shoes match her green tail. The thing is, when she’s wearing the tail you can’t see her shoes and you aren’t supposed to be able to see her green bra either. It doesn’t make any sense.




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Prince Mommy

At least once a day, Rose comes up to me and says “I’m a princess, Mommy! You be a prince.”

I always thought I was a girl. I mean, I managed to give birth to two children. Shouldn’t this be physical evidence that I’m more princess material instead of prince material?

But I comply. Being a prince means dancing with her while singing “Once Upon a Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty”. I’m a mezzo-soprano, so I’m not sure how this makes me a prince. I’ll be a nice Mommy and let her call me one though.

After weeks of being a prince, I was thrilled the other day when she declared “You be Dora, Mommy. I be Boots.”

I’m still not sure what this particular game entails, but I’m happy to be a girl again.


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A Tale of Two Woof Woof Costumes

As I’ve mentioned before, Rose spends 90% of her time in a Cinderella dress despite never having seen the movie herself. She just loves her blue dress and wants to be a princess all day long. So when we were at Build-A-Bear the other day and I saw a blue Cinderella dress for Baby Woof Woof, I couldn’t resist bringing it home (having a gift card helped prevent any hesitation I might have had).

Rose was ecstatic with my find and fell asleep holding the dress on the way home. The second she woke up in her bed at home, she started shouting about how Baby Woof Woof needed to be a princess. I put Baby Woof Woof and Rose in their matching Cinderella dresses and things couldn’t be more girly around here.

You almost can't tell them apart when they are dressed alike. Which one is Baby Woof Woof?

Actually, that’s not true. Things could be a LOT more girly.

After I found Baby Woof Woof’s Cinderella dress, I told Lily she could get an outfit for her Mommy Woof Woof. I suggested she get Mommy Woof Woof a sweater since Mommy Woof Woof’s winter comfort has been a concern of hers in the past. I also pointed out the Tinker Bell dress. I mean, if one Woof Woof is getting a princess costume, shouldn’t the other Woof Woof get a similar outfit?

Well, as it turns out Lily agreed with my assessment that Woof Woof should get something costume, but she didn’t agree with the princess choice. She went the total opposite direction there. She chose a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof has no problems with her femininity.

That’s right, Rose got her girl Woof Woof a Cinderella ballgown and Lily got her girl Woof Woof a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Could the Woof Woofs' tastes in clothes be any more different?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love it that Lily chose a Buzz Lightyear costume over a princess costume. All the other girls in the world would have jumped at the chance to get a princess costume for their Woof Woof. I love that she’s an independent thinker and that Buzz Lightyear ranks above princesses for her. I just find a lot of humor in her choice considering that her little sister was so enthusiastic about the Cinderella dress.

Check out the best part of the Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof can fly... or fall with style!

It has a jet pack! So Baby Woof Woof can run around looking girly, but Mommy Woof Woof is an astronaut from the future with the potential to “fly”.


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The Tom Boy with the Tiara

Lily is only 4, but I was convinced up until now she was a tom boy. I’ve talked on here before about how she had absolutely no interest in dolls or princesses or dress-up. And that was cool. I mean, it was great that she loved to run and jump and climb and do puzzles and build with blocks and learn about letters and get ahead in math. All of that was great, especially the academic stuff.

But I was a little disappointed. I was still a kid when “The Little Mermaid” came out and I loved it with all my soul. I’ve been dying to have someone with which to watch all the princess movies, even though I know they don’t always depict women in the most heroic lights. I know all the feminist reasons I shouldn’t love princess movies. And they are right. I shouldn’t. But I do.

When I found out I was having girls I had this fantasy we would have these special moments together watching Disney movies and getting brainwashed by whatever crazy messages Disney sneaks into our subconscious through these films. I’d hate for my children to not have the same Disney brainwashed brains as me.

I’ve waited 4 years for Lily to let me watch a Disney movie with her. Every time we tried up until now, she rejected the movie. “I hate this movie! It’s too scary!” she’d yell, and I’d turn off “The Little Mermaid” and sadly click back to Dora. I mean, sure, there are a lot of terrifying parts of Disney movies, like more than you’d ever realized until you have someone like Lily in your house. But seriously, I don’t see how her favorite movie of all time, “Toy Story 3″ is any less traumatic.

Then something magnificent (and kind of sad) happened. Lily turned into a girl. Like, a really girly girl. I have no idea what happened, but suddenly she wants Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tinker Bell and My Little Pony. She wants to play dress up. She wants to serve me tea and cookies. She wants to wear dresses every day. And be a ballerina. And every other stereotypical girl thing you can imagine– she wants it.

I don’t know if it was Rose’s influence. Rose has been a very very girly girl since before she could speak– dolls and dresses and flowers all over the place. Maybe Lily sees her sister being girly and realizes that putting on a princess costume might be fun? I don’t know. But I do know that I saw a window– a maybe-she’ll-let-me-watch-something-besides-”Toy-Story-3″-and-”Super-Why” window– and I took the pass. I snuck in some “The Little Mermaid”.

And she loved it.

I felt like singing from the mountain tops. There will be princess movies in this house! The dress-up box I’ve been stocking since before Lily was born WILL get used!

That week we watched almost every princess movie I own and she loved them all.

Then this past weekend we were shopping for Rose’s birthday when Lily fell in love with an Ariel doll whose dress can reverse into a mermaid tail. She was smitten with the idea and had some birthday money leftover, so we came home with the Ariel doll and I could barely contain my glee. I want an Ariel doll! I could play with that doll for hours.

Maybe all this makes me a bad feminist, but I don’t care. I am ecstatic to finally have my princess girl. I just hope the tom boy girl sticks around too. I’d hate to see that part of her disappear. I will do what I can to encourage the tom boy to stay– keep the puzzles and math and rough and tumble playing. There’s no reason she can’t be both the climbing, running, jumping, math whiz tom boy and the girly girl in a pink sparkling dress with a tiara.


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Lost Shoe

Due to some technical changes around here including the purchase of a new scanner/printer that has not been set up yet, I don’t have my Friday Funny for today. Sorry. Hopefully we’ll be set around here by tomorrow?

In Rose’s world, one of the most traumatic things that can possibly happen is if her shoe falls off. Whenever her shoe falls off, she starts crying and screaming for help.


So I shouldn’t have been surprised by the trauma James Marshall’s version of “Cinderella” caused her.

At this age, Lily wouldn’t sit through a fairy tale to save her life, but Rose is all over anything that has to do with princesses… even if it’s not clear that the story is about a princess until the end. As we read “Cinderella” she hung on every word until we got to the page where Cinderella fled from the ball and left her shoe on the steps.

“OH NO! MOMMY! Rella shoe! Rella shoe stairs! RELLA SHOE!”

“Don’t worry, baby, she’ll get her shoe back.”


Here’s a video in which Rose remembers the trauma of what happens with Cinderella’s shoe. She also squeals here and then declares herself “too loud” and names a few My Little Ponies.

Anyway, back to the book. As you know, Prince Charming eventually brings Cinderella her lost shoe, but this served as no happy ending to Rose because in the James Marshall version Cinderella is never drawn with both feet in shoes again. One foot remains bare for the remainder of the story.

Every time we read this book (which is often because she asks for it) she spends the next hour coming up to me and saying “Oh no! Rella shoe!”

I’ve repeatedly explained that Cinderella gets her shoe back even though the drawing doesn’t show it, but Rose is not buying it. If Cinderella isn’t wearing two glass slippers, she’s lost forever. Every one needs two shoes all the time.

Unless, of course, we get home from being out and I don’t take Rose’s shoes off fast enough. When it comes to Rose and shoes, you just can’t win.


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