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How to Give 3 Different Kids the Right Medicine

After we were diagnosed with three cases of strep throat, one ear infection and one UTI, I had this confusing mess of mostly identical antibiotics bottles to deal with.

Holy crap, right? It’s not quite as bad as it looks. Two of the kids needed two bottles of amoxicillin to have enough medicine to make it through their 10-day treatment. It looks like you are looking at 5 different amoxicillin prescriptions, but really there are “only” three of them. I was really concerned I’d screw up who got which bottle. Every prescription has a different concentration and dosage so I couldn’t just randomly give the kids medicine from each other’s bottles. It really mattered who got a specific amount of what.

I posted this picture on my personal facebook page and a bunch of people linked me to a pinterest idea where you write a chart on the bottle to keep track of whether or not you gave your kid medicine. This idea didn’t really work for me since there were multiple bottles for each kid. Where do you write the chart if you have two bottles? I tried labeling the bottles and putting special stickers on them, but I was still worried I’d mix up the bottles.

Still pretty confusing, right?

A friend recommended I separate the medicines into different plastic bags. Bingo. This solved all my problems. I gave each of the double bottle girls her own bag and wrote her name and dosage on it along with a chart for when I gave the medicine.

Ultimately, the chart was pretty worthless. I had a harder time remembering to mark the chart or finding a sharpie for writing than I did dosing the girls. I also had a harder time remembering to take the mid-day dose of MY antibiotic than I did to give the kids their twice a day medication. Three-times-a-day drugs are hard, yo.

Separating the medication into bags really helped, though. I was never in doubt that I had the right bottle for the right kid and the dosage was written nice a big where I could see it.

Most of us finished our antibiotics a few days ago, but Rose apparently didn’t beat her strep with her amoxicillin. She was put on a new antibiotic today. Will we ever be well again? Stay tuned.



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