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50% Success

Sometimes I attempt to do craft projects with the kids so that we can bond and do art together. But the “sometimes” part of crafts has been few and far between these days considering my recent painful pregnancy and somewhat new cranky baby. When we got the pumpkins, I decided we were going to either paint or sticker them together. I went to the store and bought us some foam face stickers to put on the pumpkins with the intention of putting together pumpkin faces with the girls.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Lily was jumping out of her skin with excitement about the foam stickers, so I opened them as soon as she and Rose got home from preschool. No sooner had I opened the package than Violet started wailing. She was about due for a feeding. Oops. So I fed Violet on the couch like I usually do.

About 10 minutes later, I turned around to take a look at the pumpkins and this had happened.

So much for me doing a project with the girls! They did the project themselves. I consider this a 50% success because the girls enjoyed the craft project even if I didn’t do it with them or even witness them doing it! It’s the thought that counts?


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Cinderella’s Carriage

Let’s talk about pumpkin carving and how much it sucks.

I’m a fairly artistic person. When I was in high school, my art teacher encouraged me to major in art in college. While I haven’t done anything serious in art in, oh, 15 years, I still have some capabilities when it comes to making things look nice. I think. I hope. Usually when I attempt an art project, it comes out fairly ok.

Unless it’s a pumpkin. I can’t carve a pretty pumpkin to save my life. How to people do this? I’m ok at sculpting. I once carved a pretty decent bear out of some sort of stone. If you hand me a pumpkin, though, I can barely get decent triangles out for the eyes. Pumpkins, knives and I just don’t get along.

So when my aunt sent me this pinterest of Cinderella with her pumpkin carriage, I got excited.

Embellish 3 rectangle cut outs on a pumpkin? That I can do.

We still need some mini-pumpkins for the wheels and lack the materials/are too cheap to completely duplicate the pinterest pumpkin, but I have two happy little girls over here who LOVE to play with Cinderella in her pumpkin house.


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A Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

In my experience, you should never carve pumpkins with children under the age of 3. Every time I’ve attempted it, someone has ended up in tears.

So Sunday while Rose was napping, Lily and I sneaked off and carved a pumpkin without her. I gave Lily the job of separating the seeds from the pumpkin goop. Lily claimed my job was the fill the pumpkin with air because pumpkins like to have air in them when they are carved… ok then.

The whole time she picked through the goop, she kept saying “Arrr, I’m a pirate. I have to find all my treasure!” The pumpkin seeds were the treasure, apparently. “I have to dig and dig and dig through all the goop to find all the treasure!” Every time she found a seed, she’d talk about how she found more treasure. I have to agree– once pumpkin seeds are toasted, they really are treasures.

Later she drew a chalk pirate who liked to dig through goop for pumpkin seed treasure.

She went on and on about his "long long legs".

I knew pirates were a dirty lot, but I had no idea they had anything to do with pumpkins.

Our pirate with her carved pumpkin.


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