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“Then She Won’t Be Her!”

Rose turned 4 years old today. The first thing she said when she woke up, after exclaiming that there were balloons in her room, was “Am I 4 today? That means my favorite color is red!”

For months, Rose has made it clear that she expects turning 4 to be a big transformation. At 4, she would magically no longer need a potty seat, her favorite color would turn to red and she would like wearing colors that aren’t blue (or red). I’ve told her all along that she doesn’t need to change ANY of her favorite things, but I heavily encouraged no potty seat and wearing other colors.

This afternoon, Rose made the following declaration:
“Now that I’m 4, red is my favorite color and Ariel is my favorite princess. Not Cinderella. And I don’t like pretending to be a kitty anymore. When you are 4, you are not a kitty.”

Upon hearing this, Lily burst into tears. It took her a while to voice what was wrong. “That’s not Rose!”

She was worried that if Rose had all new favorites, Rose wouldn’t be the same person. She wouldn’t know or like this new Rose.

I explained that no matter what Rose liked, she would still be Rose. I also told Rose, again, that just because she was 4 didn’t mean she had to like new things. She could still love Cinderella and blue and being a kitty even if she was 4 (but she couldn’t use the potty without a potty seat or wear only one color).

It wasn’t long before Rose was meowing again. Then she asked to watch Cinderella.

I’m sure someday she’ll move past Cinderella, kitties and the color blue, but something tells me that her announcements today were a bit premature.


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My Daughter, The Cat

For the past two days, Rose has been a cat. Everywhere she goes, she meows and crawls. If you address her as Rose, she says “No, my name’s not Rose! Call me Kitty!”

Today when I dropped her off at school, I had to yell at her to walk like a little girl across the parking lot and down the hall to her classroom. She said she didn’t want to walk like a little girl. She wanted to walk like a cat. It’s a sad story, but sometimes you just have to walk like a human.

It doesn’t help that when Rose walks normal at home while she’s being a cat, Lily tells her she needs to walk like a cat or when Rose talks normal, Lily corrects her and tells her to meow like a cat.

When I picked the girls up from school today, their teacher told me all about how Rose was a kitty, but also a pig and the big bad wolf today. Considering I could never get Lily to pretend to be anything, having a daughter who’s constantly invested in a role is interesting. Rose is rarely just Rose. She’s usually Cinderella, Rapunzel or George the Pig from Peppa Pig. When she is role playing, she always insists that you call her her character’s name. This kitty thing is new and probably the worst because she insists on walking on crawling everywhere and keeps meowing, which alternates between cute and annoying.

I like cats, but I’m allergic to them. I’d hate to have to get rid of her.


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Prince Mommy

At least once a day, Rose comes up to me and says “I’m a princess, Mommy! You be a prince.”

I always thought I was a girl. I mean, I managed to give birth to two children. Shouldn’t this be physical evidence that I’m more princess material instead of prince material?

But I comply. Being a prince means dancing with her while singing “Once Upon a Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty”. I’m a mezzo-soprano, so I’m not sure how this makes me a prince. I’ll be a nice Mommy and let her call me one though.

After weeks of being a prince, I was thrilled the other day when she declared “You be Dora, Mommy. I be Boots.”

I’m still not sure what this particular game entails, but I’m happy to be a girl again.


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Kids Play: Is your llama a mama?

My parents have a llama. Yes, a llama. Don’t ask.

Because of this llama, my daughter has two llama toys, including a llama Little People. Yes, they make a Little People llama. What’s odd is that it was easier to find a Little People llama than it was to find an Asian Little People family (still haven’t found one, google has failed me). I guess the demand for llamas is higher than the demand for ethnic Little People? Who knows.

She, of course, has decided these llamas are a family. The big llama is Mommy Llama, so one would assume the little llama is Baby Llama. Nope. The little llama is our dog, apparently, Lumpy Llama. I don’t know why. This llama looks nothing like him. Then again, the big llama looks nothing like me, I hope.

Lately, Mommy Llama has taken to giving Lumpy Llama big hugs. Llama hugs. She tells Lumpy Llama she loves him and then carries Lumpy Llama all over the playroom.

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Kids Play: Circle Time, Version 1.0

Lily started preschool about a month ago. Ever since, she’s been obsessed with the concept of circle time (for those unfamiliar, this is when the teacher sits the kids down for a story, singing and learning). She’s doing a ton of representations of circle time in her play. This is the first one I was able to catch with my camera.

I asked her what she was doing and she said “It’s circle time! It’s circle time! Let’s read a story!”

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Kids Play: Stomach Flu Jamie

Nicole’s daughter L has a baby doll named Jamie who has become a member of the family. Jamie has been known to join in family pictures and wear matching dresses with L and her sister G. Jamie does everything that L does, including get sick.

Sometimes Jamie gets so sick she has to throw up in her toy toilet.

When Jamie gets sick, L goes into full doctor play mode. L gives Jamie a very complete check-up including listening to her chest with a stethoscope, taking her temperature with an ear thermometer and, most importantly, suctioning Jamie’s nose. What check-up wouldn’t be complete without some booger-sucking?

Once the check-up is complete, Jamie gets a dose of medicine.

And, of course, once Jamie had her medicine she was magically well enough to go to the beauty salon to get her non-existent hair cut and styled. Her equally bald twin sister Jessie also needed a cut and style. I hope that stomach flu wasn’t contagious!

Thanks for the submission, Nicole!

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Kids Play: Photo Session

How you know you’ve been taking too many pictures of the things your kid does with her toys:

Yesterday, 3-year-old A ceremoniously piled all of her “Toy Story Friends” (mostly Mr. Potato Heads and their pieces) onto an armchair. Once they were all there, she declared that she needed to take a picture. She took out her toy camera and took several “pictures” of the mess.

I wonder where she got this idea, and yet here you see I had to take a picture of her taking a picture of what she did to her toys. Makes me wonder what kind of behaviors I’ll be creating with all this photo taking!

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