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A Tale of Two Baby Princesses

Rose recently became very attached to her Baby Sleeping Beauty doll. She has spent a lot of time caring for the doll. Her attachment to this doll has become so intense that she has actually been bringing Baby Sleeping Beauty on outings instead of Baby Woof Woof. Lily finds this part of the development disturbing. Who doesn’t want a Woof Woof with them all the time? Rose has clearly gone mad!

At the same time, Lily became intensely jealous of Rose’s domination of Baby Sleeping Beauty. Since Baby Sleeping Beauty is specifically Rose’s toy and we have PLENTY of other baby dolls, I haven’t made Rose share her. Lily REALLY wanted to play with Sleeping Beauty, but every time she touched the doll, Rose would get really upset. I repeatedly told Lily she had to respect that Baby Sleeping Beauty was Rose’s “special” toy and Rose didn’t have to share her. Lily could play with ANY other doll in the house.

Seriously, she had plenty of choices.

Lily got upset and said she just wanted to play with Sleeping Beauty. Lily has been amazingly good lately and hasn’t cashed in her chore stickers in a long time. I told her since she’s been such a great helper, we could go get her her own princess baby. She could have any princess baby she wanted. The dolls are only $10. I will gladly pay $10 to stop the crying and whining.

Lily said she wanted Baby Sleeping Beauty. She didn’t want another princess.

Monday we made a special trip to Walmart to get another Baby Sleeping Beauty, but when we got there there was no Baby Sleeping Beauty to be found. They had Baby Belle, Baby Tiana and Baby Cinderella, but Baby Sleeping Beauty was missing.

Ironically, the only reason we have Baby Sleeping Beauty is because when I went Hanukkah shopping for Rose the store was out of the Baby Cinderella Rose wanted.

I told Lily I was sorry, but they didn’t have Baby Sleeping Beauty. She could have another princess or we’d just have to wait.

Lily is usually pretty easy-going about toy shopping, but she got very upset about this. “I don’t want another princess! I just want to play with Baby Sleeping Beauty! If I can’t play with Sleeping Beauty, I don’t want to play with anything ever again!”

Now, I suppose I shouldn’t have indulged this near tantrum, but I agreed. It wasn’t fair. I asked what she wanted me to do to fix the situation and she told me to buy Rose Baby Cinderella so Lily could have Sleeping Beauty.

I’d thought of that, but I was worried that Rose was so attached to Baby Sleeping Beauty that she STILL wouldn’t let Lily touch it after I’d bought the second doll and that Lily would be unhappy if she had to play with Baby Cinderella instead of Baby Sleeping Beauty.

I bargained. “Ok, if I buy Baby Cinderella, you guys have to take turns with the baby princesses. If Rose has Baby Sleeping Beauty, you will play with Baby Cinderella. If Lily has Baby Sleeping Beauty, you have to play with Baby Cinderella and if anyone gets upset about this, I will take BOTH dolls.”

Rose immediately grabbed onto the Baby Cinderella and handed Lily the Sleeping Beauty. “This is my most favorite Cinderella doll ever!” she declared.

She hasn’t put it down since.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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