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Lost Shoe

Due to some technical changes around here including the purchase of a new scanner/printer that has not been set up yet, I don’t have my Friday Funny for today. Sorry. Hopefully we’ll be set around here by tomorrow?

In Rose’s world, one of the most traumatic things that can possibly happen is if her shoe falls off. Whenever her shoe falls off, she starts crying and screaming for help.


So I shouldn’t have been surprised by the trauma James Marshall’s version of “Cinderella” caused her.

At this age, Lily wouldn’t sit through a fairy tale to save her life, but Rose is all over anything that has to do with princesses… even if it’s not clear that the story is about a princess until the end. As we read “Cinderella” she hung on every word until we got to the page where Cinderella fled from the ball and left her shoe on the steps.

“OH NO! MOMMY! Rella shoe! Rella shoe stairs! RELLA SHOE!”

“Don’t worry, baby, she’ll get her shoe back.”


Here’s a video in which Rose remembers the trauma of what happens with Cinderella’s shoe. She also squeals here and then declares herself “too loud” and names a few My Little Ponies.

Anyway, back to the book. As you know, Prince Charming eventually brings Cinderella her lost shoe, but this served as no happy ending to Rose because in the James Marshall version Cinderella is never drawn with both feet in shoes again. One foot remains bare for the remainder of the story.

Every time we read this book (which is often because she asks for it) she spends the next hour coming up to me and saying “Oh no! Rella shoe!”

I’ve repeatedly explained that Cinderella gets her shoe back even though the drawing doesn’t show it, but Rose is not buying it. If Cinderella isn’t wearing two glass slippers, she’s lost forever. Every one needs two shoes all the time.

Unless, of course, we get home from being out and I don’t take Rose’s shoes off fast enough. When it comes to Rose and shoes, you just can’t win.


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Kids Play: Big Foot

Like most toddlers, Rose is obsessed with shoes and often wears my shoes. Unlike most toddlers, Rose insists on wearing only ONE shoe and putting both of her feet in it like some sort of drawing of an alien.

Who needs two feet when you can pretend to have one?

If you offer her another shoe, she pushes it away and starts crying. If you try to give her one of her own shoes, she starts crying. She’ll also start crying because she has trouble walking in just one shoe. Aren’t toddlers fun? While she’s standing still, however, she is super happy and proud of herself for wearing one giant shoe and all is perfect with the world.

Wearing one giant shoe is the coolest.

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Kids Play: Mistaken Identity

Lily currently has two pairs of shoes. A pair of sparkly pink faux fur-lined snow boots and these blue and silver butterfly light up bejeweled shoes from Payless.

If you have a toddler girl, how can you pass up getting them some pretty crazy shoes? They’ll only let you put them in crazy crazy stuff like this for so long.

Anyway, today at McDonald’s Playland, I turned around and Lily was trying on these shoes.

The only problem was she hadn’t actually worn these shoes to the Playland. She’d worn her boots. These were somebody ELSE’S shoes.

“Oh no, honey, those aren’t your shoes! You’ll have to take them off!” I said.

She looked at me utterly baffled.

“I know you have shoes that look just like those, but you didn’t wear them here. You wore your boots, remember?”


“Sometimes other people can own the exact same thing you have because they have more than one in the store.”

The crazy thing was the shoes were even the exact same size as hers. We are lucky I paid attention or she would have come home in the wrong shoes!

After that, she nicely put them back where she found them and found her own pink boots and put them in the cubby right next to them.

I could just imagine her internal dialogue when she found the shoes.

“My shoes! How’d they get here? I thought I wore my boots? Yes, there are my boots right there. I’m so confused! Am I losing my mind? Do I have dementia? I better put them on just in case.”

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Hitching a Ride

As if it wasn’t humorous enough when my daughter wears my husband’s shoes, she has decided that her Little People llama and MegaBlocks horse should hitch a ride in the backs. I mean, that’s why there’s extra space in the back of my husband’s shoes– for toys!

Whenever she does this, she yells “Let’s go for a ride!” and then shuffles the toys around in the giant shoes.

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