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The New Cinderella in Town

Rose lives, breathes and dies for Cinderella. Everything she does, wears, sings, says or plays all relates back to Cinderella. Occasionally she will express a split loyalty for another Disney princess, claiming that Merida or Rapunzel are her favorites, but it always comes back to Cinderella. I suppose for now this is a good thing. I just purchased 14 new/used warm-weather blue dresses. I’d hate for her to back out on Cinderella and her blue dress obsession NOW when I already have the wardrobe problem taken care of for the next 6 months. And yet there’s a new toddler idol in town. That idol goes by the name of Maria Von Trapp.

My husband has to be the world’s biggest heterosexual male fan of “The Sound of Music”. He owns two copies of the movie, two copies of the sheet music for piano and at least one copy of the movie cast soundtrack. I love the movie too, but he’s the devoted enthusiast in this house. Or at least he WAS. Now we have two little girls who are probably more obsessed with the movie than he is. Since we introduced the movie last month, they have watched it repeatedly and listened to the soundtrack non-stop. They constantly sing the music, especially Rose who somehow has known almost all the words to every song after only watching the movie once or twice.

Now Rose wanders around pretending she is Maria. She dances and sings and tells me that she’ll be Maria and I can be “the children” (which is an interesting feat).

While Cinderella is still No. 1 in her world, Maria is definitely challenging her dominance.

There may be a reason why this is happening so easily.

“Maria has yellow hair just like Cinderella! And the captain has black hair just like the prince! That’s why Cinderella marries the prince and Maria marries the captain.”– Rose

So, Maria may just be a substitute for Cinderella because Julie Andrews kind of sort of looks like Cinderella? Maria is just Cinderella in disguise? Maybe the children represent the mice and birds and the nuns are her stepfamily?

Hmmmm… I wonder how she’d feel about Mary Poppins?


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Max Dies in the End

Here’s a part of “The Sound of Music” that isn’t sitting well with me right now. It didn’t occur to me until this past week, but Max AND the nuns were caught red-handed helping the Von Trapps escape the Nazis. Knowing what I know about Nazis, abetting someone in escaping them couldn’t have ended well for them.

In the movie we’re just supposed to celebrate that Von Trapps escaped, but I really do wonder about the aftermath for Max and the nuns. I mean, Max is caught helping them push their car “to the festival”, which the Nazis knew at the time was a big hoax. Then the Von Trapps escape from the concert that Max is so involved with. It’s pretty obvious that Max was involved in their escape. They’d have to be really stupid not to realize this, especially since Max was staying with the Von Trapps and baby-sitting their children prior to their escape.

I know Max is fictional, but if he were real it seems very unlikely to me that he would survive this. He should probably flee to the Swiss Alps with the family. Instead, his only regret about the Von Trapps leaving is that he won’t be able to make money off their voices. Shouldn’t he be more worried about his own safety?

Then the nuns hide the Von Trapps and sabotage the Nazis’ cars. When Ralph discovers the Von Trapps are in the abbey, aren’t those nuns pretty much screwed? I mean, we’re supposed to find it comedic that the nuns vandalized the car (and it was), but the aftermath of all of that could not have been good for the nuns. Maybe they get off because they’re nuns? Probably not though. We’re talking about Nazis here!

I can’t believe this never occurred to me before, but really, it doesn’t look good for Maria’s friends.


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