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The Pennies

Lily has never really understood the concept of naming her stuffed animals and dolls. She always names her toys what they are. For example, a stuffed pink bear would be named “Pink Bear”. A doll with a yellow dress would be named “Yellow Dress Doll”. Aside from the one time where she inexplicably named her black Little People doll Calusta, she has never been creative when it came to names.

Well, now we have crazy Rose in the house and the trend of naming things after what they are is slowly coming to an end. It started with this purple “cat” purse. Now that I’m looking more closely at this purse, I realize it is probably a bear. Rose loves cats though and used to call it “Purple Kitty Purse”, so it must be a cat purse.

This “cat’s” name is Penny.

I’ve been trying to figure out where she came up with it. We have a neighbor named Penny. Her father and I are also fans of “Big Bang Theory”, which features a character named Penny. A purse can also hold pennies… but somehow I doubt any of these things influenced the naming of the cat/bear purse. I thought this was funny and intriguing enough, but then today I found out something even more perplexing and hilarious.

This cat’s name is Princess Penelope.

Apparently this cat earned the title “princess” because she is wearing a tiara. Lily tells me Rose named her after a character named Princess Penelope in the book “Ponyella” (BEST BOOK EVER if you have a Cinderella nut whose grandmother owns horses). Princess Penelope is a human girl in the book. She is not a cat.

I asked and Rose did not know that Penny is a nickname for Penelope, yet here we are with two stuffed “cats” with variations on the same name.

I wonder if Penny/Penelope is just a name she really loves or if there is something more to this? Is my future grandchild’s name Penelope?


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Get It Out of My Sight

Months and months (perhaps years?) ago my sister brought the girls this little Canadian moose mountie from her vacation in Vancouver.

My sister gave them the gift in the van and I guess the moose fell under the back seat where it stayed until my husband was vacuuming the van last week. My husband yanked an embarrassing amount of stuff out of the van and stuffed it all in a box, which I then sorted into piles of “trash”, “house” and “van”. I put the moose into the “house” pile, but Lily kept moving it to the “trash” pile.

Me: Quit moving the moose. That’s the trash pile and the moose needs to go in the house.

Lily: I know. I don’t want that moose.

Me: But Emi gave you this moose! He’s a Canadian Mountie!

Lily: I don’t like that moose. We should give him away.

Me: Well, I guess we can give him to someone else…

Lily: Someone else might like him, but I don’t. We need to get rid of that moose.

She was really REALLY determined to get rid of this poor little cute stuffed moose my sister was nice enough to bring to her from Canada (and I was careless enough to lose under the backseat of the car for possibly years. Sorry, sis! We play with all your other gifts! I swear!).

The next day our neighbor was having a garage sale. When I explained to Lily what that meant, she said “We need to take the moose over there so they can sell it to someone else.”

We didn’t do that.

Every time she sees the moose sitting in our house, she reminds me that she wants to give it away. I finally got it out of her that she doesn’t like this perfectly cute stuffed animal because its clothes don’t come off. She’s used to being able to change the clothes on her dolls and Build-A-Bears, but this moose is forever stuck in a mountie uniform. Apparently, non-removable clothes are hate inducing.

Or she maybe she just really hates Canada.


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Like Mother Like Tiger

This tiger has a secret.

Not only is she a purse, but she is carrying a little tiger inside her.

Lily put the little tiger there because the “Mommy tiger has a baby in her tummy.”

I like that the clear ball that surrounds the “baby tiger” resembles an amniotic sac. It’s very realistic, though I doubt Lily had any idea of the significance.

I wonder if the “mommy tiger” is due to give birth at the same time as I am?


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Another Build-A-Bear Emergency

About 6 weeks ago, Lily declared that a Build-A-Bear gift card she’d received for Christmas should be used to buy Rose her first bear. We spent way more than the gift card was worth making Rose the perfect bear and rewarding Lily for her selflessness by getting her more clothes for Woof Woof. 

After paying the hefty bill, we vowed not to return to Build-A-Bear for a long time.

Not two weeks later, we received the promo for Build-A-Bear’s Beary Limited Edition Love Bug for Valentine’s Day.

Possibly the cutest dressed ladybug toy ever.

The minute I saw that flier, I knew Rose had to have it even though we’d JUST bought her a Build-A-Bear she was far too young to appreciate. I tried for weeks to talk myself out of “needing” to buy it, but I couldn’t deny it was perfect for her. You see, Rose’s room is decorated with red hearts and ladybugs.

Valentine's Day threw up hearts and ladybugs over here, but mostly in a good way (I hope).

You wish you were cool enough to pull off a ladybug hamper.

How sick is it that I’m contemplating buying a SECOND Pillow Pet ladybug so there’s a matching set on this bed?

Awaiting the perfect post-Valentine's Day sale comforter.

I swear those bits of quilting hang even when you are actually in there.

You can see why this Build-A-Bear was a must-have.

I procrastinated and procrastinated and debated and debated. What if the Love Bug comes back next year when she’d appreciate making it? (Online research of past Limited Editions shows me this probably won’t happen.) What if the Love Bug goes on sale after Valentine’s Day and I regret buying it in advance? (Unlikely.) But what if they sell out and I never get the Love Bug? It would be the end of the world!

The last possibility turned out the be the most probable “what if”. Part of what made me love the Love Bug was her polka dot dress. It’s really what makes her an adorable ladybug. Without her polka dot dress, she’s pretty much a boy.

Without her dress, the Love Bug is downright masculine.

When I finally went online to buy the Love Bug, the polka dot dress was sold out online! I panicked and mourned and panicked and mourned. I decided I was being silly, but I wanted that stupid dress. I didn’t see the point of getting the Love Bug without the dress. Even my husband agreed the dress and the doll were important! (Me on text: Stop being sarcastic. Him: No really. I’m serious!)

Suddenly it occurred to me that some dresses MIGHT be left at the store. I called. They had TWO left. I feared I would have to rush to the store that very minute and forget about preschool (screw responsibility and priority! Rose needs a Love Bug!) to get one of those dresses, but they put it on hold for me. I would have happily bought it over the phone if I had to!

And so, that afternoon during our rushed free 3 hours while Lily was at school, Rose and I sped off to the mall 35+ minutes away in single digit weather to secure our Love Bug. We scored the LAST polka dot dress in Toledo. You can see how much this mattered to Rose.

It's pretty clear who really wanted this toy.

We named her Betty Bug.

Crisis averted! Clearly we didn’t have enough personified ladybugs in Rose’s room and this was a life-changing purchase.

They may or may not be conspiring a ladybug mutiny.

Or maybe not.

Wish me luck on finding a heart-covered comforter today in the post-Valentine’s Day 50% off sales!


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Toy WTF: Teacup Piggies Fashion Runway

I love “Project Runway” as much as the next girl, but it surprises me how many fashion design toys line the shelves of Toys R Us these days. While I think some of the toys are helpful for the aspiring 8 year old designer (do 8 year olds watch “Project Runway”?), others are just downright ridiculous. Take this fashion runway teacup pig.

Fashion teacup pigs-- because regular fashion toys aren't ridiculous enough.

That’s right, this teacup pig comes with its own fashions, runway, lights and camera.

I’m not really sure what piggy fashion entails, but when I saw this toy I laughed and laughed. I don’t even have anything clever to say about it, it’s just so ridiculous.

Fashion. For teacup pigs.

Imagine the high demand for such a thing!

I just don’t get it.

See a ridiculous toy in the stores? Let me know at creativekidsplay@gmail.com.



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Kids Play: Woof Woof is cold

Most of the last year, my daughter’s Build-A-BearPuppy Woof Woof has gone with us everywhere. She came with us to the park, the mall, everywhere.

Recently I realized Woof Woof hadn’t been with us in a long time. I kept suggesting Woof Woof come with us and Lily would tell me no. It made me sad to think she and Woof Woof weren’t best friends anymore. I couldn’t figure out why Woof Woof was being cooped up at home. Woof Woof had to be getting cabin fever!

Finally, the other day Lily was allowed to bring a bear to school for the day for Polar Bear Week. I asked her what bear she wanted to take and she said Woof Woof, whom she insisted was a BEAR because she is a Build-A-Bear. I’m not sure how her teacher ended up feeling about this, but I went with it.

The day came, but suddenly Lily didn’t want to take Woof Woof to school. I suggested other bears and she said no, she wanted Woof Woof. Then she finally revealed why Woof Woof had become a prisoner in her own home– Lily didn’t want Woof Woof to go outside because it was “too cold”.

Apparently Woof Woof hasn’t been out with us in months because Lily was worried Woof Woof would be too cold! I should have known– Woof Woof isn’t allowed to wear a dress unless Lily is also wearing a dress. Of course she needs winter clothes when Lily is wearing winter clothes!

Rather than shell out $8+ for a new Build-A-Bear jacket, I dug through Lily’s old baby clothes and found a tiny newborn sweatshirt. This passed Lily’s inspection, but she said Woof Woof STILL couldn’t go outside because she needed a hat. So I found one of those too. She’d already insisted we buy Woof Woof boots the last time we were at Build-A-Bear, so her feet were covered.

Stuffed animals have environmental needs too.

When we get home, Lily takes off Woof Woof’s winter gear right after she takes off her own. The winter gear does not stay on, but she must put it on again whenever we take Woof Woof out. So now I have three children to dress for winter instead of two.

Share your toy stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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Kids Play: Shot in the Ear

The only place Lily has ever gotten a shot is in her thigh, but for some reason she thinks her toy syringe should be used to shoot people up in their ears. She is constantly giving us all shots in the ear and then asking if we feel better with our medicine. Even Woof Woof our Build-A-Puppy gets shots in the ear.

I suppose if she ever needed stitches in the ear, she would be mentally prepared for it. Clearly getting shots in the ear is perfectly natural to her!

Maybe this bodes well for getting her ears pierced? Uh oh, does this mean she’s going to be a body piercing enthusiast?

Share your kids’ creative play on this blog by emailing your pictures and stories to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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Kids Play: Interesting Aging

According to Lily, this raccoon is her Daddy when he was a baby.

I never realized my husband is an adult raccoon, but if she says so.


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Kids Play: Cart Ride for Two

Toy shopping carts aren’t just for food.

What I especially love about our shopping cart ride is that Woof Woof our Build-A-Puppy always rides too. (No worries, you guys, I was right there the whole time. No babies were or have ever been hurt playing this game.)

Everybody gets to ride! The baby, who doesn’t walk yet, pushes the preschooler!

Share your funny kids play stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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Kids Play: Woof Woof Backpack

After we got our Build-a-Bear (aka Woof Woof the Puppy), my daughter Lily became obsessed with the online game at http://www.buildabearville.com. I must admit I can’t blame her for loving the game. We got to design a player that looks just like her and a puppy identical to hers rides around in her backpack while her avatar explores Buildabearville.

Ever since the first time we played this game (or rather I played the game and she watched. She was only 2 1/2 when we started doing this), she has been imitating it by stuffing Woof Woof the Build-a-Puppy into a backpack and carrying her with her wherever she goes. Woof Woof’s head must stick out of the backpack and her tummy must touch Lily’s back, just like in the game.

If that weren’t hilariously cute enough, she has crossed her characters. She thinks that if she’s carrying a backpack like Dora, she should also have a map. For a long time, she claimed Woof Woof’s “birth certificate” was a map and wandered around with that. That “map” didn’t last long, so we got her a laminated USA map placemat instead. She constantly carries Woof Woof in the backpack while investigating her map on where to go next. Usually, she talks about flying to California, which doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me.

Sometimes while we are out, people confuse the map for the placemat it technically is. In picnic table situations, it seems like I’ve been brilliant, but truthfully that map has been so many places that the picnic table is probably cleaner! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve almost lost Woof Woof, backpack or map, but somehow we’ve managed to hold on to all three for the past six months!

What bizarre things do your kids do with their toys? Share your stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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