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Kids Play: Is your llama a mama?

My parents have a llama. Yes, a llama. Don’t ask.

Because of this llama, my daughter has two llama toys, including a llama Little People. Yes, they make a Little People llama. What’s odd is that it was easier to find a Little People llama than it was to find an Asian Little People family (still haven’t found one, google has failed me). I guess the demand for llamas is higher than the demand for ethnic Little People? Who knows.

She, of course, has decided these llamas are a family. The big llama is Mommy Llama, so one would assume the little llama is Baby Llama. Nope. The little llama is our dog, apparently, Lumpy Llama. I don’t know why. This llama looks nothing like him. Then again, the big llama looks nothing like me, I hope.

Lately, Mommy Llama has taken to giving Lumpy Llama big hugs. Llama hugs. She tells Lumpy Llama she loves him and then carries Lumpy Llama all over the playroom.

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How many toys are in your kid’s bed?

Lily isn’t too choosy about most of her bedtime routine, but one part has to be absolutely precise. She has five blankets that must ceremoniously be put on her bed in a certain order, four stuffed animals and a “Boots Dora” pillow. If the blankets, stuffed animals or pillow aren’t there, she will cry and cry and never go to sleep.

Even though she’s been sleeping in a big girl bed since she climbed out of her bed at 17 months old, she refuses to sleep in anything but a Pack-N-Play when we travel. It can’t just be ANY Pack-N-Play (we have three for a variety of comedic reasons), it has to be her ELEPHANT Pack-N-Play. So, we end up having a Pack-N-Play stuffed to the brim with a 3-year-old, four stuffed animals and five blankets.

It ends up looking something like this:

Except back then there were actually MORE stuffed animals that had to be there. Some have fallen out of bed over time and she’s forgotten she “needs” them.

I’m hoping that someday soon she gets over this blanket and stuffed animal obsession or at least allows me to thin down the pack. When we travel, I have to take an entire laundry basket full of her bedtime props. Since we also have a baby here, I have to bring two Pack-N-Plays. It’s a good thing we have a mini-van!

In talking to other parents about this, I’ve learned that Lily isn’t the only one who is finicky about bedtime props. My friends have toddlers who have certain blankets that need to go in a certain order, and certain stuffed animals too. However, my friends all say they are able to thin the herd down when they travel. I once accidentally forgot the “Boots Dora” pillow and she was so upset she refused to step foot in the Pack N Play. We had to snuggle her to sleep every night of that trip because she truly looked terrified and distraught over the missing pillow. It was not a tantrum.

So, until she shows signs of being ready, we are traveling with a menagerie and far more blankets and pillows than she’ll ever need.

What ridiculous things do your children insist must be included in their bedtime routine? How many stuffed animals are in their beds? Is your child sleeping with five blankets in the summer?



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An Ode to the Internet

Remember back to the archaic time 10 years ago when we could only buy the toys that were available in toy stores?

How did we ever survive?

My love of internet toy shopping really kicked it into high gear on my 1-year dating anniversary with my future husband. He got me a stuffed blue merle Australian shepherd that looks almost exactly like our dog Lumpy (I use my girls’ middle names on this blog, but I assure you that is my dog’s real name!).

Although I’m not a big stuffed animal person, I LOVED this stuffed dog. We named him “Little Lumpy”, because we are incredibly original.

When Lily was born, we put Little Lumpy in her nursery. When she was old enough to start sleeping with a stuffed animal, I sacrificed Little Lumpy to the cause. He is wholly hers now and she sleeps with him every single night.

So when Rose was born, I knew she needed her very own Little Lumpy. The original living Lumpy is still around and I knew she would love him and be jealous of Ari’s toy. So, for her very first Hanukkah I hit up google for “Australian shepherd stuffed animals”. I had planned to just get a second Little Lumpy. I mean, how many stuffed animal Australian shepherds could there be? I have never ever seen one in a store.

The answer is a TON. There are tons and tons of different Australian shepherd stuffed animals on the internet. We got Rose her very own Lumpy clone, aptly named “Lumpy Jr.” and he is completely different than Little Lumpy, yet he’s still nearly identical to our fantastic real life Lumpy.

Back in the days before the internet, I never would have been able to find Little Lumpy or a Lumpy Jr. In fact, I’ll bet there wouldn’t have been enough demand locally for anyone to make them anywhere. But since the internet makes for an international market for Australian shepherd stuffed animals, it creates enough demand for more than one model to be available and that is a beautiful thing.

In short, I love the internet for countless reasons, but for toy blog I especially love it for bringing me the toys I’d otherwise not be able to find.


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Kids Play: It’s a Build-a-Bear Emergency!

For months now, my daughter’s Build-a-Bear (er, puppy) Woof Woof has been going everywhere with us naked. When Woof Woof was “born”, I tried to convince A to get her clothes, but she adamently refused them.

Five months later, out of nowhere (or perhaps somewhere because a week later she finally potty trained) A declared that Woof Woof needed underwear. Absolutely. I mean, of course Woof Woof needs underwear! What could I do but race to the nearest Build-a-Bear to remedy this situation? If Woof Woof needs underwear, maybe Woof Woof (and her owner) is ready to be potty trained! We can’t pass up that opportunity!

Woof Woof chose pink Hello Kitty underwear, an excellent choice, but it just seemed a little obscene to have a puppy running around in just her underwear. A t-shirt and underwear seemed a lot less vulgar.

I asked A that day if Woof Woof needed pants. If she said yes, I would have happily bought them, but she was pretty insistent that Woof Woof should NOT wear pants and should just wear underwear. Alrighty then. I was a little embarrassed for Woof Woof, but A is the boss of Woof Woof’s apparel.

The next day A declared that it was wrong for Woof Woof to be going out in public in just underwear. Woof Woof needed pants! I agreed. If only she’d decided this 24 hours beforehand! When I told her we could go get pants, she thought I meant immediately and that every trip we took was to Build-a Bear.

And that’s how we ended up taking two emergency trips to Build-a-Bear in two days.

Has anything like this ever happened to you or am I just a big sucker? Share your funny toy stories, pictures and videos on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.



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Crab Love

One day, I heard 2-year-old A making her Little People A (the doll that is allegedly her) cry. She kept asking Little People A if she was ok. Little People A said she needed a hug. I turned around to discover that Little People A was talking to a crab with a heart of gold. This crab had endless amounts of hugs for whatever Little People figurine needed him.

The crab even wanted to come inside the house to comfort people. He’s a very good hugger. I personally would be scared if a giant crab wanted to hug me, but the Little People love this guy.

Also, Mommy and Daddy Little People like to look out the window. And who doesn’t have a horse on their porch?

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