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School’s Out For Summer

Lily is a university student. That’s right, my 4 year old goes to college.

It sounds really impressive when I put it that way, but in reality she attends a preschool put on through the university to train its early childhood development students. There are so many great things about Lily’s preschool, but there is one major drawback: It’s on the same schedule as the university.

Often staying on the same schedule on the university is really nice. Lily gets the exact same breaks from school as her dad does. If we ever want to take a spring or winter break trip, we don’t have to worry about conflicting schedules like we will when she starts public school.

It’s not so great, however, when college breaks for nearly four months for the summer (or 6 weeks for Christmas if you count finals week and orientation for the student teachers) and Lily’s left without stimulation from school for nearly that whole period of time.

There are summer programs available, but almost all of the start at 8:30 in the morning. Lily WAKES UP at 8:30 in the morning, so making it to a program like that is really difficult for us. Yes, someday she will have to get up for school earlier than that, but we aren’t there yet and I’m a night owl and don’t feel like worrying about it quite yet.

This summer we are left with an endless abyss of no real plans. The new baby is due June 9 and almost every single summer activity available seems to fall around that date. I can’t commit to anything for the entire month of June. I have no idea what our schedule will be like once Violet gets here. So we are stuck.

Maybe having a new baby around will be enough stimulation for Lily? Maybe Lily won’t drive me up the wall this summer? Last summer I signed her up for a bunch of preschool programs through Parks & Rec and we ended up being overscheduled and needing a break. I actually ended up canceling one of her summer camps because we were exhausted (and ridiculously tan) after two weeks of daily swim lessons. This summer, not one.

We’ve already been on break since Thursday. Will we survive this summer? How will I do without a nap in the afternoon at almost 9 months pregnant and later with an infant waking me up all night?

Also, I need to potty train Rose this summer. Will I lose my mind completely?

Stay tuned to find out.


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