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“My” Stroller

When you buy a travel system for your first baby, you think you are making this long-term investment for all your future children. You think “THREE children will be using this, so I better make it gender neutral!” You think the pattern really matters because you will be looking at it for the next six years.

What you don’t know when you are about to have your first baby is that babies are really hard on carseats and strollers. If you are a stay at home mom like I am, you use your stroller every single day. Even when you baby-wear, you’re probably going to need something to cart your insane diaper bag and winter gear. I just don’t have a good enough back to carry a baby AND a diaper bag.

Anyway, after 4.5 years of near daily use, Lily’s old stroller was disgusting. It was so disgusting that I was too embarrassed to even take a picture of it to show on this blog. It was that bad. Every time I needed to use it, I was terrified someone would notice how horrific it was. I’d washed the liner and sprayed the plastic down as best I could, but it was just grungy and gross.

Since we have a third baby on the way, it was definitely time for a new one. Sunday we took the girls’ old olive green safari-patterned Graco travel system to Babies R Us to participate in their 25% off trade-in deal. I was honestly embarrassed even to trade it in. I never wanted to see that thing again.

Rose, however, was NOT embarrassed by her old stroller and had a HUGE meltdown when we told her what we were doing. You could hear her screams all over the store. She wanted to keep that olive monstrosity.


It was awful.

I was worried she’d be scarred for life, but all was forgotten when we brought home our pretty new pink and grey/brown floral patterned Graco travel system.

As soon as I had it assembled (WTF is up with the wheel pins on these things? IMPOSSIBLE!), she hopped in the stroller and started yelling “My stroller! My new stroller! YAY! YAY! My new stroller! I have a new stroller? YAY!”

How quickly they forget, no? Her poor olive green stroller is probably weeping over the fact that she’s over that drama already.

She sat in the new stroller for a good 45 minutes talking about how it was hers and how happy she was.

I’ve been explaining that the new stroller is for her to SHARE with the new baby in my tummy (not to mention Lily on occasion), but she’s pretty sure it’s hers. Hopefully this will work itself out in the new few months before the baby REALLY needs to use the stroller.

For now, the new carseat is housing Possessed Baby, who is about the size of my newborns (6 pounds, 9 ounces for Lily and 6 pounds, 10 ounces for Rose. I’m nothing if not consistent).

Lily has been practicing taking the doll in and out of the carseat with more skill than she’s ever had with her own carseat buckles on her convertible Evenflo Triumph Advanced. What I really really need Lily to be able to do is handle her own seatbelt since she’s about to move to the rear row of the mini-van. That, or gain 10 pounds quickly so I can move her to a booster. Neither thing is about to happen, so I’m probably stuck with a painfully long car loading and unloading process for at least another year.

Room swaps and new travel systems certainly make this new baby thing seem a lot more real. Is it June yet?


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Friday Funnies: The Manipulator

The last couple weeks, Rose’s tantrums have looked something like this:

Yes, she says “Not I” while screaming at the top of her lungs and holding her hand out to me. She’s very prim and proper while she’s having a tantrum. I’ve been trying to get a “Not I” on video, but she of course stops the tantrum the second I take out the video camera. Not that I WANT the tantrums to continue, but man, this “Not I” stuff has youtube sensation written all over it.

Anyway, as it says, mid-scream she will declare that she needs to kiss me. And she will. And then the tantrum goes away, perhaps because the kiss softens me up. I am not made of stone. When a 2 year old declares she needs to kiss me, I melt a little inside, even if it’s mid-scream.

Well, she’s caught on to this. Now whenever I start to scold her, she declares that she needs to kiss me.

The manipulation works. I stop yelling at her and she comes over and gives me a kiss. Everything is forgotten until her next misbehavior.

On the plus side, she’s screaming a tiny bit less (but not much) and launches immediately into her “Kiss you, Mommy!” routine the second I tell her not to do something– which means she stops doing the bad behavior for as long as it takes to kiss me. On the minus side, the girl is totally using her kisses to get what she wants (a not-cranky mom). This does not bode well for her teen years.

I’m working hard not to react too much to this kiss ploy of hers, but man, it’s hard. I’m slowly desensitizing, but I doubt I’ll ever be hard enough not to be swayed by this “Kiss you, Mommy” stuff at least a little bit.


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Horse Drama

The Fourth of July was a dream come true for Rose, who finally got to ride a horse for the first time.

“Finally?” you say, “Isn’t she only 1 1/2?”

Well, yes. That’s true. She’s only 1 1/2, but in my family 1 1/2 is practically old age for the first horse ride. My mother has had horses my whole life and owns a small boarding stable, as well as a large assortment of bizarre animals. I was allegedly on a horse’s back by the time I was 6 months old.

So waiting until 1 1/2 to put Rose on a horse’s back was practically conservative. Rose was already putting all her dolls on horses’ backs and wild about rocking horses, so this ride was long overdue.

As we anticipated, she was a horse fan.

She loved it so much that when we tried to take her off the horse, she threw a fit. We let her go around some more, but it was really her big sister’s turn to ride. Eventually, we had to take her off.

There was quite a theatrical show about the injustice that was done to her.

We had hoped that when Lily got on to ride, Rose would be interested in watching her.

But instead, she got jealous. The theatrics continued. Even being held by Daddy could not stop the drama.

Rose cried the entire time her sister rode the horse. It was quite impressive.

The only solution to this problem?

We let her back on. How could we not?

If she thinks we’re buying her a horse, she’s sorely mistaken.

Guess what happened when we tried to take her off again? As much as she loved it, I think her first ride induced more tears than smiles. If only she could stay on top of a horse forever.


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Pumpkin Carving Always Makes Someone Cry

Last year, my older daughter Lily was reduced to tears (and tantrum) when I wouldn’t let her touch the knife I was using to carve her pumpkin.

She was only 2 when we were carving last year’s pumpkin and this year understands my explanations a lot more. I was pretty sure not being allowed to touch the knife wouldn’t cause a break down this year, but I knew 1 year old Rose wouldn’t understand it. In an effort to avoid tears over pumpkin guts this year, I had my husband keep Rose inside while we were carving.

My efforts failed. Rose knew Lily and I were outside and was upset she wasn’t allowed to help with all the fun pumpkin carving. We ended up bringing her outside and she crawled around happily not touching the knife the entire time. Next year I’m pretty sure we won’t be so lucky.

I wanted to start a lot of traditions in our family about Halloween, but crying over pumpkin carving wasn’t one I would have predicted.

Do your holiday traditions accidentally cause tears? Share your funny stories on this blog by emailing them to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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