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TV Tuesdays: New Marina

The other day I was in the kitchen while my husband was watching “Fresh Beat Band” with the kids in the living room. Suddenly I hear my husband, Dr. Toy Warden, say:

“What the…? Who is THAT?”

Lily: “That’s Marina, Daddy.”

Dr. Toy Warden: “That is NOT Marina. Did they change Marina?”

Me: “How could they change Marina? That’s ridiculous. It must be someone else.”

I came in the room and sure enough there was a girl with red hair who was supposed to be Marina, but she was clearly NOT Marina.

Me: “OMG, they changed Marina! How could they change Marina? That girl looks freaky.”

Lily: “That’s Marina. She has red hair.”

Me: “Um… yes. You’re right.”

It was not Marina. Marina, previously played by Shayna Rose, has been replaced by a new actress, Tara Perry. According to what I can find, Shayna Rose left to pursue other interests (like perhaps acting and singing in a more dignified setting) and “get married”. Because getting married, I guess, means you have to leave the Fresh Beat Band?

Shayna Rose, aka Marina #1, the good Marina

The new Marina looks nothing like the old Marina. They didn’t even dye her hair the same color. She looks ridiculously different. I wish they had written her out of the series and added a new band member rather than just plop in this new actress who fools no one (except for Lily, apparently). If she hadn’t been wearing the same outfit (with a few modifications) as the old Marina and people weren’t calling her Marina, I never would have guessed who she was.

Tara Perry, aka Marina #2, the imposter

I think this may be the beginning of the end for Fresh Beat. I thought the show was doing great up until now, but suddenly they change the actress AND the outfits. It’s not the same show and even if Lily didn’t notice there’s a new Marina, I can guaranty that most other kids will.

Also, Twist looks really old all of a sudden. He aged a good 5 years since the last new episode I saw him in, and it wasn’t a 5 year old episode. So maybe it IS time for some new blood on Fresh Beat, but let’s write in new characters instead of just swapping look-alikes that look NOTHING alike.

I’m way more bothered by this than I should be.



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TV Tuesdays: Fresh Beat Flashback

Sunday my kids were watching “The Fresh Beat Band” with my husband while I ignored them checked my facebook email. I was vaguely listening when suddenly I realized what was going on. “Is this a flashback episode?!”

It was.

The show has only been on since 2009. I am shocked right now to read on imdb.com that there have been 28 episodes because I could have sworn we’d seen every single one and there were maybe 12 of them. Apparently we are just seeing the same 12 episodes over and over and over again, which tends to happen in children’s tv so I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, 28 episodes in which they already repeat a lot of the same song videos does not constitute the need to do a flashback episode.

In the episode they were remembering all the songs they’d ever done. But seriously, they replay the songs OFTEN without the pretense of flashback. Why have a flashback episode when you flashback all the time anyway? Not to mention, like all Nick Jr. shows you are rerun multiple times a day. I can see a flashback if I watch at a different time slot.

Flashbacks are annoying enough in regular sitcoms, but in children’s tv having a flashback is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously Nick Jr., you did this with Dora recently and it was stupid then, please stop with the flashbacks!


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TV Tuesday: Fresh Beat Clones Freak Me Out

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has noticed the freakish phenomenon known as “The Junior Beats” on “The Fresh Beat Band.”

If you blinked, you may have missed them, but they are there without explanation– creepy miniature clones of Kiki, Twist, Marina and Shout. All the members of “The Fresh Beat Band” have child versions of themselves. The clones wear the exact same outfits as their Fresh Beat counterpart and dance the same way. I would post a picture if I could find one, but google failed me.

These little clones freak me out. What are they doing there? Why? WHY?! The regular-sized Fresh Beats were odd enough without having creepy miniature versions of themselves. I’ve never seen an explanation of the Junior Beats given on the show. They are just there, dancing and looking like the Fresh Beats.

There’s just no good reason for this. Why do these kids look just like the bigger Fresh Beats? Are they going to grow up to be Fresh Beats? Because if they are, I really pity the kid who has to be Twist. Then again, that kid already chooses to dress and dance like Twist. He clearly has no future but to annoy the crap out of me.

“The Fresh Beat Band” is an awkward, over-acted enough show without the Junior Beats. I just don’t get what the Junior Beats add to the show besides creepiness.



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TV Tuesday: I Hate Twist

He’s tall. He’s zany. He likes to scat and rap.

He’s Twist from “The Fresh Beat Band” (aka “The Jump Arounds”) and I THINK if I were a 12 year old girl I’d have a crush on him. Or my friends would have a crush on him and I wouldn’t get it because he’s not quite cute to me.

Whatever the case, I’m a 31-year-old mother of two and I hate that guy.

I don’t know what it is about him that makes me despise him so much. There’s just too much to choose from. He’s so spastic. Whenever they do a song and dance number, he does like five movements for every two the other band members do. He makes crazy faces and looks hyperactive the whole time. Every time I watch the show (which is far too often) I just want to slap the guy.

I hate his zany “Wouldn’t it be cool if we…” visualizations. I hate his shocked expressions when something goes wrong. His physical comedy annoys me instead of making me want to laugh.

And he’s just too damn tall. He makes poor Shout look like a child, and Shout is a good deal taller than the girls.

And I hate his sweatshirt and white boy rapping.

And I hate that his name is Twist and Shout’s name is Shout, but the girls have real girl names. What is up with that?

I don’t mind the other band members. I actually have a bit of a girl crush on Marina. Maybe I’d actually enjoy the show if Twist was gone?

Probably not.

Think I’m done obsessing about “The Fresh Beat Band”? You think wrong! Join me next TV Tuesday for some thoughts about the super creepy Fresh Beat minis (or whatever they’re called).


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TV Tuesdays: The Fresh Beat Band

Hold on to your seats, I’m expanding this blog to include tot tv, toy industry and parenting commentary, rants and raves. TV Tuesdays will be about tot TV shows. Thursdays will have miscellaneous topics. I’ll try to keep most things toy-related, but hey, it’s my blog. We’ll see where we go. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will remain dedicated to funny toy pictures and stories.

If I ever start getting enough submissions, I’d like to make every week day be a toy picture post, but for now I’m going to talk about other things and I hope you’ll join me, comment and maybe write your own submissions about tot tv, the toy industry or whatever else you’d like to cover.

And with that, onward to our first TV Tuesday post.

Does anyone else remember when “The Fresh Beat Band” was being advertised on Noggin (it was Noggin back then) as “The Jump Arounds”? I do because every day they’d have multiple showings of one of their ever-annoying videos, plus a Jump Arounds website you could visit to learn more about them. After about the millionth viewing of their video, I got curious as to why I should care about The Jump Arounds enough to have them invade my living room constantly singing about “going bananas” and “loco legs”.

I visited the website and it was completely void of any helpful information. It didn’t say whether The Jump Arounds were a band or an upcoming tv show or what. So I was left in suspense for MONTHS before finally, FINALLY The Jump Arounds returned. Only they weren’t The Jump Arounds anymore. They were The Fresh Beat Band.

So now, at least a year later, and probably two years since we started seeing videos, I’m still left wondering why Nick Jr./Noggin changed The Fresh Beat Band’s name. I’ll probably never find out. Wikipedia says it was a copyright issue, but it’s pretty vague. I would have preferred “The Jump Arounds” to “The Fresh Beat Band”, especially since there was heavy advertising for “The Jump Arounds” prior to the name switch. When they switched I glared and said “HEY! Don’t you mean JUMP AROUNDS!”

I seriously needed an email from Nick Jr. explaining this change because for a while I thought I was going crazy.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that all the stuff that happens on Noggin/Nick Jr., Sprout and the Disney Channel has been formulated for small children and not me. The 3 year olds who are supposed to be watching “The Fresh Beat Band” certainly don’t care about or notice the name change, but here I am, at least a year later still seething over it.

What are you children’s tv pet peeves?



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