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Toy WTF: A Little Too Much on Display

There’s a problem with, oh, probably ALL the Tinker Bell action figures.

The only way they’ll sit is spread eagle. They can’t stand unsupported, so if you want them to place them in an upright position, they have to sit. Spread eagle. Their skirts are short, so you get a good glimpse of their underwear.

I guess at least they are wearing underwear? All their dollie goods would be on display otherwise.

I mean, it’s pretty vulgar to see your fairies go all spread eagle and flashing everyone.

Surely there’s a better design for this? Barbie never sits like this. Barbie is a lady. She’s prim and proper. She keeps her legs all straight and together when she sits. Sure, she’ll make out with Ken until one of their heads pops off, but she generally doesn’t sit spread eagle.

Seriously, WTF with the Tinker Bell flashers?


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TV Tuesdays: Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure

First of all, this movie made me aware that I’ve been mentally misspelling “Tinker Bell” my entire life. Doesn’t it seem like it should be “Tinkerbell”? Why the space between “Tinker” and “Bell”? Every time I type “Tinker Bell”, I have to force myself to put the space in the middle. It’s just not right.

Regardless, I have some major issues with the morals in “Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure”.

Tinker Bell is entrusted with a vital task to the survival of not only the fairies but all of nature. The fairies, who are responsible for the passage of seasons, need pixie dust to fly and complete most of their tasks (though this confuses me. They have wings. Why don’t the wings work without pixie dust. I can see why people need pixie dust to fly, but why fairies?). The fairy queen gives Tinker Bell the only moonstone found by the fairies in hundreds of years. The moonstone uses a special type of moonlight one special night a year to make pixie dust (or a special pixie dust starter. I’m a little unclear on this). Tinker Bell is supposed to make a scepter to hold the moonstone in a way to best use the moonlight to make pixie dust.

Tinker Bell works really hard to make the scepter and is nearly finished about two days before the special moonlight night when her friend accidentally breaks the scepter. That alone put the pixie dust manufacturing and therefore ALL OF NATURE in danger, but did Tinker Bell tell her superiors about the threat or seek outside help to get her scepter done sooner? No. Of course not. That would make her look bad to others.

While trying to figure out what to do about the broken scepter, Tinker Bell kicks this stopwatch, which pops open and crushes the precious moonstone vital to pixie dust production. That’s right, she breaks the only moonstone the fairies have found in hundreds of years. It is only two days before the special moonlight.

Surely now she should tell her superiors.


Instead she decides to search for a legendary magical mirror in a sunken pirate ship on a far away island and runs off on a dangerous mission all by herself. Clearly this is what our children should do if they break something important to us– go to a deserted island and search for potentially fictional treasures.

It’s just irresponsible.

In the end, at the very last minute with no other choices left Tinker Bell realizes she can use the broken moonstone to capture even more moonlight and improve pixie dust production.

But she still doesn’t tell anyone what happened. She lets the other fairies believe she purposefully broke their precious moonstone and that she was brilliant to think more reflective surface area meant more pixie dust.

And they are HAPPY she broke their only moonstone because it worked.

What if it hadn’t worked? If she HAD done it on purpose, how is it ok to break the only moonstone found in hundreds of years without asking first?

I’m really bothered that she took credit for the broken moonstone as if it were a brilliant idea instead of an accident. I don’t get how this is morally ok, I don’t like that she didn’t tell ANYONE where she was going or never let anyone know there was a problem with such a vital part of fairy life. She could have had help. More minds working on a solution could only be a good thing. They were on a time crunch. They needed an answer fast. It was not ok to just run away to a far away island looking for some magical solution.

But no. In the end, Tinker Bell is rewarded for her brilliance.

And she doesn’t deserve it.

And I will never ever understand why the writers thought this was ok. Other lessons are learned in this movie, but the lying and the undue credit just really bother me.

Now I need to rewatch the other Tinker Bell movies to see if Tinker Bell always gets away with murder. Maybe the mean-spirited Vidia is just giving Tinker Bell the treatment she deserves.



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Toy WTF: Tiny Shoes

Lily got This Kohl’s exclusive Tinker Bell doll set that includes three fairies as well as three extra outfits and plastic charms for… what I haven’t figured out yet. The charms don’t have attachments to link them to any pre-existing necklace, so their purpose confuses me. I assume their purpose is to clutter the floor and eventually get lost. At least that’s the purpose at our house.

For the link phobic, this is the type of doll we got, but in a slightly different set.

Lily loves the dolls, but now that they are out of the box I am absolutely baffled by the removable clothing, especially the shoes. These dolls are about as slim as my index finger and I have small fingers. It’s almost impossible for me, an adult, to change their clothes. Lily can’t change the clothes at all. They are so little and tight, it’s ridiculous. When dolls are this size, they should not have removable clothes. Their clothes should be a permanent part of them.

But these dolls’ dresses are almost generously sized compared to their shoes.

These wouldn't be easy to lose at all.

That’s right, two shoes fit inside a dime with room to spare.

This is ridiculous. Barbie shoes are two to three times that size and they are almost impossible not to lose. Lily and Rose immediately started knocking the shoes off the dolls. I put rubber bands around them, but the rubber bands and shoes continued to fall off almost constantly the first two days we had them.

I ended up super gluing the shoes onto these dolls’ feet. There was absolutely no reason these shoes should have been removable in the first place. These are teeny tiny plastic dolls for small children. No one would have complained if the dolls had shoes painted on their feet.

Instead someone decided to get fancy and make these ice cream sprinkle sized shoes removable.

Stupid and dumb. WTF?


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