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A Tale of Two Baby Princesses

Rose recently became very attached to her Baby Sleeping Beauty doll. She has spent a lot of time caring for the doll. Her attachment to this doll has become so intense that she has actually been bringing Baby Sleeping Beauty on outings instead of Baby Woof Woof. Lily finds this part of the development disturbing. Who doesn’t want a Woof Woof with them all the time? Rose has clearly gone mad!

At the same time, Lily became intensely jealous of Rose’s domination of Baby Sleeping Beauty. Since Baby Sleeping Beauty is specifically Rose’s toy and we have PLENTY of other baby dolls, I haven’t made Rose share her. Lily REALLY wanted to play with Sleeping Beauty, but every time she touched the doll, Rose would get really upset. I repeatedly told Lily she had to respect that Baby Sleeping Beauty was Rose’s “special” toy and Rose didn’t have to share her. Lily could play with ANY other doll in the house.

Seriously, she had plenty of choices.

Lily got upset and said she just wanted to play with Sleeping Beauty. Lily has been amazingly good lately and hasn’t cashed in her chore stickers in a long time. I told her since she’s been such a great helper, we could go get her her own princess baby. She could have any princess baby she wanted. The dolls are only $10. I will gladly pay $10 to stop the crying and whining.

Lily said she wanted Baby Sleeping Beauty. She didn’t want another princess.

Monday we made a special trip to Walmart to get another Baby Sleeping Beauty, but when we got there there was no Baby Sleeping Beauty to be found. They had Baby Belle, Baby Tiana and Baby Cinderella, but Baby Sleeping Beauty was missing.

Ironically, the only reason we have Baby Sleeping Beauty is because when I went Hanukkah shopping for Rose the store was out of the Baby Cinderella Rose wanted.

I told Lily I was sorry, but they didn’t have Baby Sleeping Beauty. She could have another princess or we’d just have to wait.

Lily is usually pretty easy-going about toy shopping, but she got very upset about this. “I don’t want another princess! I just want to play with Baby Sleeping Beauty! If I can’t play with Sleeping Beauty, I don’t want to play with anything ever again!”

Now, I suppose I shouldn’t have indulged this near tantrum, but I agreed. It wasn’t fair. I asked what she wanted me to do to fix the situation and she told me to buy Rose Baby Cinderella so Lily could have Sleeping Beauty.

I’d thought of that, but I was worried that Rose was so attached to Baby Sleeping Beauty that she STILL wouldn’t let Lily touch it after I’d bought the second doll and that Lily would be unhappy if she had to play with Baby Cinderella instead of Baby Sleeping Beauty.

I bargained. “Ok, if I buy Baby Cinderella, you guys have to take turns with the baby princesses. If Rose has Baby Sleeping Beauty, you will play with Baby Cinderella. If Lily has Baby Sleeping Beauty, you have to play with Baby Cinderella and if anyone gets upset about this, I will take BOTH dolls.”

Rose immediately grabbed onto the Baby Cinderella and handed Lily the Sleeping Beauty. “This is my most favorite Cinderella doll ever!” she declared.

She hasn’t put it down since.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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Avoiding Danger

Rose is terrified of slides. She will not go down one to save her life these days. Last year, she was sort of a chicken about them, but by the end of the summer we had her sliding down them without too much issue. After the winter off, she’s forgotten that slides are actually fun. In order to avoid those dangerous slides, she’s been doing something she deems much safer and more fun– climbing down rock walls.

Totally less scary than going down a slide. And safer! She does this over and over and over again. Her dad has to spot her to prevent certain death.

Oh Rose, why can’t you go down the slide like a normal 2 year old?


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A Break From the Ordinary

Life has been so much better since I bought Rose a wardrobe entirely composed of blue dresses. We used to go to battle every single morning when I tried to get her dressed. She’d fight me, kicking and screaming, not wanting to put her clothes on. She wanted to dress like Cinderella every single day and if she couldn’t, she let us know she was unhappy.

Now that she has all blue dresses, she is happy to pick out a blue dress each morning and change into it from her blue nightgown. Mornings are so much more pleasant. The investment in a blue wardrobe was well worth it despite the presence of a completely lovely hand-me-down wardrobe from her big sister. Perhaps this was her ploy to make sure she got clothes unique to her instead of just wearing the things her big sister passed on? Whatever the case, I thought we were cemented in blue for the summer.

Imagine my surprise– half horror, half joy– when Rose ASKED to wear a yellow dress last week. Instead of her usual blue like Cinderella, she wanted to be yellow like Belle. We didn’t even own a yellow dress in 4T, but Lily’s 5T yellow dress fit the bill. Rose was happy. I was astounded to see her in a different color and terrified that she’d demand yellow dresses every day.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If she wants yellow dresses every day, this girl is stuck. I’m not buying anymore dresses. She has a blue dress wardrobe and whatever else she already owns from her sister.

The next morning I cringed when I asked which dress she wanted to wear. I was so scared she’d say yellow and then throw a fit when I couldn’t comply. We only had ONE yellow dress in the whole house.

Well, she didn’t want a blue dress. She wanted a white dress like a bride. I happily dressed her in one. It was so refreshing to see her in another color. Blue may be her favorite color, but it’s not her best color by far. Some variety would be nice. She matched her Woof Woof for the day.

The next day she wanted to wear a brown dress. Miraculously, I had a brown dress. How many dresses do we have?! I don’t know what inspired brown. There are no brown-dressed princesses… unless she’s thinking about Cinderella in her maid outfit? Hmmmm… I should ask.

Just when I thought we’d broken our blue dress streak (and feared she’d never want to wear one again), she switched back. Phew. But she happily donned a pair of jeans (JEANS!) and a purple shirt when I told her she had to wear clothes that could get REALLY dirty when she helped us garden the other day.

I can’t even get the girl to wear pants or tights under her dresses without a fight usually, so I was thrilled to think that maybe our clothing battles were over. At least we’ve reached a point where I can sometimes rationalize with her WHY she needs to NOT wear a blue dress. The last time I attempted to get her to wear jeans and a shirt, she was moody all day.

Despite the improvement with allowing something as tacky as jeans to touch her highness’s body, the second we finished gardening she asked for another blue dress. And this morning, she came downstairs naked demanding a blue dress.

Until the next color whim strikes, I guess we’re stuck in the blue. That child knows what she wants. At least there is some recent hope for other colors on the horizon. I’d really like to dress this girl in red sometimes.

Thank goodness Lily’s favorite color is “rainbow”.


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Friday Funnies: I like kids!

In our experience, most playgrounds, McDonald’s Playlands and Chuck E. Cheeses come equipped with a 7-10 year old girl who likes to play mommy to whatever toddler happens to be roaming around. This can be REALLY helpful in those kid gerbil tunnels where a toddler sometimes needs a boost climbing or help down the slide. A couple years ago when we were traveling, blonde 7-10 year old girls would show up at every Playland across the Midwest to help Lily up the gerbil tower and into the tunnels. My husband and I used to joke that it was the same girl at every McDonald’s. Perhaps she was a robot they activated when they saw our kid was having trouble so my husband and I wouldn’t have to climb up the tunnel? Lately, the girl has been missing and things like this have been happening.

That's about as comfortable and convenient as it looks.

I guess the old 8-year-old mommy got too old to play in kid gerbil mazes?

We were amused yesterday when the latest model of 8-year-old mommy showed up at our park and decided to take on Rose as a special project.

Does this mean the next time we go to Chuck E Cheese, this girl will be there to lift Rose through the mazes?

The girl cracked us up when she turned to us and said

As an 8-year-old, she was clearly no longer a “kid”, right?

Rose was happy to play along with this girl’s mommy or baby-sitter fantasy. Rose, who sometimes doubles for Buckwheat from “Little Rascals”, kept saying “O-tay” to whatever the 8-year-old wanted to do. She thought this 8-year-old was the greatest.

But for whatever reason, the 8-year-old REALLY freaked Lily out.

Lily burst into tears going on and on about how she “needed” Rose and wanted her “back”. Keep in mind, Lily hadn’t really been playing with Rose before this all went down. The famed Ollie (Lily’s male name twin) was at the park, so she was very busy chasing him around and trying to be his BFF. She was doing great until she realized some other girl was pretending to be her baby sister’s big sister. In her little world, this was absolutely unacceptable.

I kept telling Lily that Rose would be ok, but Lily just kept getting more and more hysterical about it. “I NEED HER! ROSE! ROSE! COME BACK!” *Wail* I explained Rose would come back when she was done playing, but Lily wasn’t buying it.

Even though Rose really wanted to play with the “big girl”, I had to go retrieve her before Lily got too upset.

Later when we talked about why Lily got so upset, she told me that SHE was Rose’s big sister, not the other girl. The other girl crossed the line by acting like Rose’s big sister and it made Lily upset and possessive.

No one can act like Rose’s big sister but Lily! Many things can be shared, but not Rose!

Ok then.


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Rose has a little problem with addiction. Since she is 2, her addiction is of course unique to her particular case of Toddler OCD. She’s addicted to soup.

I’ve never met someone so excited by the prospect of soup. It started about a year ago when I made matzoh ball soup for Passover. Rose wanted me to feed her more and more of it. She ended up eating a bowl almost as big as she was when she was only 18 months old.

A few months later, she was so excited to see soup at a Japanese restaurant that she reached for it and burned her little fingers. She cried and cried. Then she ate almost an entire bowl of miso soup.

We usually don’t eat much soup at our house, but we noticed in Chinese restaurants she was downing her own bowl (or two!) of egg drop soup, so we started making more soup at home. Lately her big obsession is Ramen. It’s not the healthiest choice, but the second she sees us get out a pan she starts yelling “You make me soup! My soup! My soup!” She downs it like it’s dessert. She is remarkably skilled at eating soup neatly considering her age. She barely spills a drop most times. Others, she’s somehow off and spills half of it down her dress.

Rose was eating so much Ramen at one point that I had to ask my husband to stop making it so much because I was afraid she’d become some Ramen noodle urban legend casualty of malnutrition.

My husband and I both recall a news story of a Korean Ivy Leaguer who died of malnutrition from eating too much Ramen, but the internet will not confirm whether this actually happened. Since Rose is Korean, Dr. Toy Warden told her she had to slow down on the Ramen because we can’t afford Harvard!

Several times a day, Rose will ask me for soup. If I say no, she’ll say “Daddy make me my soup? Where my daddy? Oh, he’s at work.” Daddy usually does make her her soup.

But a girl can not live on Ramen noodles alone. Luckily her other addiction is apples. Rose must have heard than an apple a day keeps the doctor away because she ASKS to eat an apple about five times a day. I let her have two or three of them. I have to go back to the store mid-week for more apples because there’s just not enough room in the fridge for this addiction! I don’t want to say no to apples since they are healthy, but I seriously can not keep up with her!

What’s your kid’s food addiction?



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It must be nice to kick your dad out of his own bed, cry a couple times in the middle of the night, cry at 7 am and wake up your mom for the day, but then sleep until 10 am.

Must be nice.


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Double Crown

A week ago, I bought Rose a rainbow crown from Claire’s. Ever since then, she has been wearing the crown non-stop. She’s even been wearing it outside the house. If she isn’t wearing the crown, she gets upset and wants me to find it for her. “Where my rainbow crown? I need my rainbow crown!”

Yesterday while we were hunting for more blue dresses, I found a clearance Cinderella costume for $8 at Walmart. The costume came with a Cinderella skirt, shirt, shoes and crown. Since Rose is absolutely obsessed with Cinderella, she wants to wear the shoes, the crown and one of her blue dresses EVERYWHERE all the time.

But she also still wants to wear her new rainbow crown.

Instead of alternating the rainbow crown and the Cinderella crown, she now insists that she wear BOTH. ALL THE TIME. Even to bed.

She insisted on wearing both crowns to the mall today. We met her dad for lunch and she immediately ran up to him and said “Daddy! Look at my crowns! Are they pretty?” My husband is a tough nut to crack when it comes to smiles, but that made him laugh.

Rose is such a different girl from her sister, who REFUSED to even try on costumes at this age and didn’t even want to wear dresses in the wintertime (that changed, but last year Lily wouldn’t wear any skirts in winter, even with pants. This year Lily wants dresses all the time, but at 2 and 3 she wouldn’t have it.). Rose’s insistence on wearing a blue dress every day has won her four new blue dresses and a new Cinderella costume so far. I need at least three more blue dresses to make it through the week.

By the way, if you think it’s easy to keep two crowns on a kid, think again. They don’t stay on well together and tears are shed whenever one falls off.

This is what I get for wishing I had the type of kid who wanted to wear costumes when Lily was refusing to touch them. Total payback!


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Blue Dress Drama

Now that Rose has actually seen “Cinderella”, her fever pitch obsession with her blue costume has grown more intense. She doesn’t want to take the costume off EVER. If she’s going to bed, she HAS TO wear her blue nightgown. If we are leaving the house, she throws a big tantrum when I try to get her dressed in anything that’s not blue. If she already has her costume on, we have a big bloody battle to get it off and put her in real clothes.

I’d just leave the costume on to save myself the headache, but it’s too cold out and she often has pjs on under it. The girl needs to wear some real clothes outside of the house. Besides which, the costume is getting really worn out and I don’t think it would last long if I allowed it to be worn even more. I make concessions. I’m ok with her wearing her crown and princess jewelry out, but I really want her to wear real clothes outside!

I’ve been on the hunt to make her spring wardrobe 100% blue dresses to stop the madness. Last week I was searching for dresses online and she got very excited when I showed her the dresses I’d found. “I want a new blue dress! I want a new blue dress!” It’s almost disturbing how aware she is of clothes and girly things.

The next day we went to Kohls and bought her a new blue cotton dress for spring. She was so excited when she saw it that she started yelling about Cinderella and blue dresses. She got her greedy little toddler paws on the dress and wouldn’t let it go. I had to battle her for it to get it scanned by the cashier. She wanted to hold it in three stores we went to after that.

When we got home, she put on her new dress and wore it for three days straight before I had to fight her to put on something else because it needed to be washed. When her dad got home, she ran up to him and immediately began yelling “Daddy, see my new blue dress? Is it pretty?”

This is age 2. What’s she going to be like when she’s 15?! I’m scared.

I definitely need at least 6 more blue dresses because I can’t have this girl wear the same dress every day! I’ve been trying to sell her on other colors. Sleeping Beauty and Ariel wear pink! Tianna wears green! Belle wears yellow! Rapunzel wears purple! She’s not buying any of that. The dress has to be blue.



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Friday Funnies: A Night at Bob Evans

Last time we were at Bob Evans, Rose ran her own comedy show. First she cried about a couple of things, though it’s been a couple weeks since this happened and I can’t remember what. It was probably not wanting to take her coat off and not liking her chair. After we finished eating, Rose got territorial about the toddler at a table near us. There was an empty table in between us and Rose got VERY upset when the other toddler started playing with the chairs.

Rose hates other toddlers. I’ve written before how she yells “NO! This is MY Mommy!” to them the second she sees them. How dare this other toddler be in the same restaurant as us? How dare she touch the table near ours? Clearly all the empty tables belonged to Rose!

Shortly after this showdown, Lily and I went to the bathroom. While we were gone, Rose went rogue and started running around the restaurant looking for us. Her major stop was at a table of truckers.

For some reason, I wasn’t at the table of truckers.

Dr. Toy Warden: “I don’t think they’re her.”

My husband herded Rose toward the bathroom and soon I could hear Rose outside.

“Where is my Mommy? I lost my Mommy!”

She kept knocking on the bathroom door.

This happened at my last OB appointment too. The girls waited with their dad in the waiting room after they watched my ultrasound and while I was seeing the real doctor. I could hear Rose freaking out about my whereabouts the entire time and it was all “I lost my Mommy! Where is my Mommy! Mommy? Mommy?” and knocking on the door that separates the waiting room and the hallway where the exam rooms were. That whole thing escalated into a tantrum to a level that Dr. Toy Warden had to take the girls out of the doctor’s office altogether!

Anyway, both the restaurant patrons and the people at the doctor’s office were telling Rose they hoped she found her Mommy soon. I’m not sure why Daddy isn’t good enough, but clearly he wouldn’t do. I don’t remember Lily causing this much comedy and drama over my whereabouts at this age! It’s a hassle, but it sure is funny after the fact!

When I emerged from the bathroom, Rose cried “I found you, Mommy! I missed you!” and gave me a big hug.

Clearly I can never go to the bathroom or the doctor without two to three little girls with me again. It was crazy for me to even try leaving one of the girls behind! What was I thinking?


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“My” Stroller

When you buy a travel system for your first baby, you think you are making this long-term investment for all your future children. You think “THREE children will be using this, so I better make it gender neutral!” You think the pattern really matters because you will be looking at it for the next six years.

What you don’t know when you are about to have your first baby is that babies are really hard on carseats and strollers. If you are a stay at home mom like I am, you use your stroller every single day. Even when you baby-wear, you’re probably going to need something to cart your insane diaper bag and winter gear. I just don’t have a good enough back to carry a baby AND a diaper bag.

Anyway, after 4.5 years of near daily use, Lily’s old stroller was disgusting. It was so disgusting that I was too embarrassed to even take a picture of it to show on this blog. It was that bad. Every time I needed to use it, I was terrified someone would notice how horrific it was. I’d washed the liner and sprayed the plastic down as best I could, but it was just grungy and gross.

Since we have a third baby on the way, it was definitely time for a new one. Sunday we took the girls’ old olive green safari-patterned Graco travel system to Babies R Us to participate in their 25% off trade-in deal. I was honestly embarrassed even to trade it in. I never wanted to see that thing again.

Rose, however, was NOT embarrassed by her old stroller and had a HUGE meltdown when we told her what we were doing. You could hear her screams all over the store. She wanted to keep that olive monstrosity.


It was awful.

I was worried she’d be scarred for life, but all was forgotten when we brought home our pretty new pink and grey/brown floral patterned Graco travel system.

As soon as I had it assembled (WTF is up with the wheel pins on these things? IMPOSSIBLE!), she hopped in the stroller and started yelling “My stroller! My new stroller! YAY! YAY! My new stroller! I have a new stroller? YAY!”

How quickly they forget, no? Her poor olive green stroller is probably weeping over the fact that she’s over that drama already.

She sat in the new stroller for a good 45 minutes talking about how it was hers and how happy she was.

I’ve been explaining that the new stroller is for her to SHARE with the new baby in my tummy (not to mention Lily on occasion), but she’s pretty sure it’s hers. Hopefully this will work itself out in the new few months before the baby REALLY needs to use the stroller.

For now, the new carseat is housing Possessed Baby, who is about the size of my newborns (6 pounds, 9 ounces for Lily and 6 pounds, 10 ounces for Rose. I’m nothing if not consistent).

Lily has been practicing taking the doll in and out of the carseat with more skill than she’s ever had with her own carseat buckles on her convertible Evenflo Triumph Advanced. What I really really need Lily to be able to do is handle her own seatbelt since she’s about to move to the rear row of the mini-van. That, or gain 10 pounds quickly so I can move her to a booster. Neither thing is about to happen, so I’m probably stuck with a painfully long car loading and unloading process for at least another year.

Room swaps and new travel systems certainly make this new baby thing seem a lot more real. Is it June yet?


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