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Asian Babies on the Cheap

Today while we were window shopping at Toys R Us, I got really excited when I saw a set of Asian triplet baby dolls. In our neck of the woods, it’s hard to find a good Asian baby doll at most stores because we don’t have a large Asian demographic. There are a lot of generic “could be Asian, could be Hispanic, could be Mediterranean, who knows for sure!” dolls available, but not a lot of dolls that are blatantly Asian.

The dolls were pretty awesome, but then I noticed something odd. There was one other package of triplet dolls there that wasn’t Asian. This one contained African American triplets. At least, they were labeled as African American. The dolls could pass as dark-skinned Caucasians, but their price description labeled them as “Interactive Triplets AA”. I assume the “AA” stands for African American considering that is the race of the girl playing with them in the picture on the box. I also can assume the “AA” means African American because the Asian dolls were labeled as “Asian” on their price stickers, though the dinky pictures from my stupidphone’s camera make this hard to see.

Do you notice what was off here?

Take a closer look at the price.

The Asian baby dolls were $26.98.

The “AA” dolls were $39.99.

And they were displayed right next to each other in some sort of race pricing war.

I stood there for a long time staring and trying to figure out how the two sets of dolls might be different aside from their races, but nothing was different. The top dolls were “AA” and the bottom dolls were Asian. The Asian dolls were $13 cheaper than the African American dolls of the exact same make. The way it was set up read “Asians for sale! Cheap!” It really weirded me out.

In all honesty, I don’t think there was any intentional racism here. There were several boxes of Asian babies, only one box of African American babies and NO boxes of Caucasian babies. This leads me to believe this was a supply and demand problem. They received too many Asian triplet dolls and needed to get rid of them quick quick quick… which supports my previous post about the complete absence of Mulan baby dolls at almost all of our local toy stores (she’s at the Disney store, but they have everyone there). With low Asian demographics, stores don’t bother selling many Asian babies and when they do get some Asian inventory they have to slash the price to get the dolls out of the store because they don’t sell well. There were no Mulan, Jasmine or Pocahontas dolls of any type at this store and very few (if any) other Asian babies.

Regardless of the oversupply, I think the price cut should have waited perhaps until the other dolls sold out or the prices should not have been put side by side. It just looks bad even if that wasn’t the store’s intention. The way it’s set up right now says “Asian baby dolls just aren’t as valuable as dolls of other races!” and that just sits badly with me regardless of the true purpose of the price cut.

That said, if one race of doll is going to be deeply discounted, I suppose I’m happy that my wallet would be benefiting from it if we were actually in the market for MOAR TOYS two weeks after Christmas.



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Toys R… I have to go to the bathroom

I don’t know what it is about Toys R Us and Babies R Us, but every time we are in there one or usually both of our kids end up pooping. This phenomenon has been occurring since Lily was a baby. We’d go into Babies R Us and she’d be sure to have a diaper blow-out. I guess she wanted me to buy her new clothes while we were there? If I hadn’t had a well stocked diaper bag (courtesy of Babies R Us), she had a lot of opportunities to get her wish.

It didn’t end when she got out of diapers. Now that she’s potty trained, she’s made MANY MANY MANY trips to the Toys R Us restroom to poop. I am very very familiar with their handicapped stall, where I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the wall waiting for Lily to be done.

Lily must have talked to Rose in baby talk because as soon as Rose was born she immediately started having diaper blowouts whenever we were in an ‘R Us facility. She continues to this day.

Trips to Toys R Us usually end up going like this: We get there. Lily is doing a potty dance. I take her. It’s just pee. Rose poops. I change Rose’s diaper in the bathroom. Two minutes later Lily announces she has to go to the bathroom again. She poops.

Seriously we can’t make it out of Toys or Babies R Us without going to the bathroom at least three times.

And while our trips to Toys or Babies R Us tend to run on the long side, they are not THAT long.

It works better than a laxative for my kids. Or maybe they are piping a gas form of laxative? I don’t know. It’s ridiculous though and I’ve come to be fully prepared for it. We pull up and I tell my husband “We’re here. How long do you think it will be before someone poops?”

Usually not more than 15 minutes. I’ll have to start timing it/keeping records. It really is uncanny. I’d say it was a form of poop warfare, but I can’t figure out why they would do that at a place they loved unless it was to keep us there 5 minutes more, if only in the bathroom.


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