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Pizza Cake

Despite the fact that Lily has a dairy-allergy and has never had a bite of real pizza (dairy-free pizza, yes, but that’s not really pizza), she’s obsessed with toy pizzas. She loves taking the triangular pieces apart and putting them back together to make a circle. For her birthday, I got her a toy cake with triangular pieces you can decorate with flowers, cookies and berries. She was ecstatic for the same reason she loves her toy pizza– she loves serving the pieces, then putting them back together to make a circle.

During yesterday’s tea party, I had to giggle when she combined her toy pizza and cake to make pizza cake.

They fit together perfectly– 6 pieces of cake and 6 pieces, so I suppose it makes sense.

I just don’t think a supreme pizza could taste very good mushed on top of a strawberry-flavored cake.

But who knows. I hear chocolate-covered bacon is fantastic.

Speaking of cake, I have a guest post about Lily’s birthday cake over on Finding My Blog today. Check it out!


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Hair Tie Skirts

Lily recently got giant hair scrunchies in a birthday party goody bag. I tried to get her to try them in her hair, though I doubted they would work out because her hair is so fine. I could easily use rubber bands from braces to tie ALL of her hair in a ponytail.

Anyway, she wouldn’t let me try the scrunchies, but insisted on playing with them. I came into the playroom to find the scrunchies around her My Little Ponies’ waists. Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle now wear skirts pretty much full time.

Naturally, ponies should wear skirts.

Why didn’t I think of that?



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The Friendship Bracelet

Ever the fashion plate, my mother wears a hair tie around her wrist at all times. An avid equestrian who owns a small boarding stable, my mom spends even more time managing the poop of others than I do. While shoveling out those stalls, sometimes she gets an urge to have her hair tied back. She keeps the hair tie around her wrist so she’s always able to tie her hair back at a moment’s notice. My sister, a pediatric resident, wears an identical hair tie around her wrist for similar emergencies. My mom and sister have an inside joke that their hair ties are friendship bracelets.

Lily believes them and insisted on our last visit there that we ALL wear the friendship bracelets. Lily was at my mom’s house and brought back friendship bracelets for Rose, my grandparents and me.

Even my 81-year-old grandparents, who usually only wear fine jewelry, put on the “friendship bracelets”. And in fact, the friendship bracelets were the only way we could get Lily to pose for a picture with them.

Lily has been wearing her friendship bracelet most days. I wonder what’s going to happen when she realizes it’s actually a hair tie?

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Kids Play: Interesting yoke

Yesterday Lily attached her Hello Kitty boots to either side of her toy flower and bent the thing over her head. It reminds me of a water yoke from the old days. I kept wondering if she was going to go water the garden like this.

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Kids Play: Hermit Crabs

Lisa’s kids’ hermit crabs had an exciting adventure last week when her daughters and the neighbor kid decided to play with them like dolls. These spoiled crabs got to enjoy a day in the lap of luxury! Or maybe they just put up with it. One or the other.

Don’t sleep in the beds, you’ll get crabs! (Sorry, I had to.)

What hermit crab doesn’t love riding around in a convertible and letting the wind blow through its hair?

After a long drive on a hot day, hermit crabs enjoy a nice dip in the pool.

I say it’s time to dump the terrarium and move these crabs into the dollhouse full time!

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Kids Play: Combination Guitar

The other day, Lily told me she was playing the guitar and started singing “We All Sing With The Same Voice” (is there any other song? Not in this house.).

Her guitar was, of course, a combination lock. It looks so much like a guitar. How can you blame her?

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Kids Play: Laundry Baby

He’s only 8 months old, but Rachel’s baby E already likes to “help” with the laundry. He likes it so much, he has decided to become one with the laundry. He loves it when Rachel piles laundry on him. Being at one with the laundry makes him laugh and laugh.

He also has a great love of dryer sheets. They are a delicacy Rachel is trying to keep away from him, but he knows the truth. The delicious taste of dryer sheets is probably the very reason he has decided he wants to “help” with the laundry. I understand, E, dryer sheets are a delicacy at my house too.

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Kids Play: Toy Story Friends Devoured

I just discovered this in this playroom.

“Wow,” you say. “That sure is a big Mr. Potato Head… but wait… what is that behind his eyes? Is that? It can’t be… It is!”

That’s right. It’s a Woody doll from the “Toy Story” movies. “There’s a snake in my boot, but Mr. Potato Head still ate me!” says Woody. Doesn’t he look scared? The casing is making his mouth look like he’s in distress!

If that weren’t bad enough, when I turned Mr. Potato Head, I discovered he also ate Cowgirl Jessie!

I have no idea how these events transpired. All I found is circumstantial evidence of something that was clearly hilarious. I wish I’d been paying more attention this morning!

What hilarity do you find in your playroom? Send your funny toy stories and pictures to creativekidsplay@gmail.com for publication on this blog.


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Kids Play: The Secret Bear

This may look like an ordinary (Dora) dollhouse bed, but it contains a secret.

It has a secret trunk compartment. You press a button on the pillow, and this trunk pops out.

If you were 3 years old and faced with a tiny hidden compartment to a dollhouse bed, what would you do with it? That’s right, you’d put some “treasure” in it. In this case, the “treasure” is the bear that came with the Diego action figure.

That bear is never NOT in that compartment. It is where he lives, with the trunk pushed back into the bed. It always amuses me to pop the trunk out, open it and find this tiny little bear surprise inside it!

If you take the bear out and put him somewhere else, my daughter will find him and put him back immediately.

What quirky and funny things do your children do with their toys? Please submit your pictures, videos and stories to creativekidsplay@gmail.com.


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Kids Play: Duct Tape Family

LisaBe of Scamper Artistry sent in this submission.

This year school supplies included colored duct tape to color coordinate and label all 4 of my kids’ supplies.

Everything has been piled up in one room. Vista, age 6, and Fiona, age 3, gave the colored rolls of tape names and played ‘house’ or ‘dolls’ with them. Made them walk and talk. Mommy roll of duct tape, daddy, the whole thing.

Then when they are finished, Fiona stacks them on the back of the chair to make a “rainbow”. With so much fun, I wonder why we have 100 dolls laying around the house.

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